Jared Lorenzen: bring him to Hamilton!

the 300 pound qb was just released by the g-men so lets bring him in lol

To be honest with you this wouldn't be such a bad pickup. While he is very large, he is much more mobile than he looks. I was dissapointed to hear my giants cut him in favour of the over payed David Carr. Let me tell you he will always get that 2nd and 1. I suspect he will catch on somewhere in the NFL before training camp.

I'd hate to be the center sandwiched between him and the DL going for that second and one. :slight_smile:


feel free to join.

Let`s bring him in for the DT position :o

Drexl... thanks for the update on Lorenzen! I am a die-hard Giants fan...and I hadn't heard we released him :frowning: I think Jared could be a great fit in Hamilton...despite his huge size, he actually made some plays fot the G-men over the past few seasons!

we have 4 QB now no room for him..
Plus He not Mobile Enough for a CFL QB..
He a AFL Guy at Best

I thought for sure this was a joke. I don't follow NFL at all, so help me out. This guy is actually quarterback?

Wow - i'd like to say i've seen stranger things but I can't think of one. Though I'm certain he'll never see a CFL roster.

not a bengal....

this is a die hard Giants fan you are talking to, and yes, he is seriously a QB! He actually slimmed down last season! He was closer to 300 during the 2006 season.

He is very big Kid.. But The CFL Is now all about Mobility..
He would not be a good fit here.

He can be the new mascot! lol :wink:

Subway cross-promotion? I think so...

Subway cross-promotion? I think so...
! :)

He is much more mobile than he looks. He is more mobile than many CFL QB's including our own Timmy Chang.

Chris, I agree...he is more mobile than he looks. Unfortunately he hasn't had much playing time with the Giants because Eli has not been out with many injuries.

Here's an example of his speed: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ynMZkDKmhE0