Japanese Football: Video of the full Japan X Bowl 34 (2020)

Japan just held their local championship (didn't even know football was a thing here) but its also interesting as it shows what a socially distanced CFL game could look like in 2021 (announcers make a big deal about stadium not being empty and thats its covid related for social distancing multiple times)

But just for fun, now for something completely different :slight_smile:

Interesting. Looks mostly like American rules. I wonder if there are any modifications.

Get some of those big sumo wrestlers in there to play some dline maybe

It's organized football at a coached up high school level. They play NCAA/College rules.

I saw a few blogs on YT of an Aussie(name escapes me) playing in Japan. Same set-up like in Germany. Only a few foreigners get paid, but they need a second job to stay in Japan. They live in Company/Team assigned living quarters, given a food allowance meaning they have to fend for themselves on meals. Practice and play after work. The Aussie/foreigner is chasing his dreams, he's happy doing it. You hope the kid succeeds, but he is released by the brewery that owns the team in the end

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