Japan Bomber Fan

Konichiwa Bomber fans!!

I am in Japan and listen to the Bomber games all the time! Weekend mornings live on CJOB.

I must say that I never listened to CJOB when I was in the 'Peg but I love the coverge now. It's not the best but it is traditon and that's what Winnerpeg is all about.

What do you think?

Also, how can I get some Bomber games? Grey Cup? Anything??

Lastly, I went to a pub in Kobe and they had all the CFL team flags up on the walls. It was awesome!!! No games though...

...confession time... I don't listen to all the Bomber games... I listen to all the CFL games!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Drives my wife nuts (she's Japanese).

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Somebody said the Bombers where named after the Blue 'somethings'
I thought it was a nickname borrowed from Labatt's Blue....

I tell all my friends that the Bombers were named after a beer. They love it!!!


Go Bombers!!!

East side sucks!!!


Very Cool !!!. I watch all the CFL games I can...and guess what.. drive my wife nuts too ( not Japanese).

A CFL FAN IN JAPAN? AWESOME!!!! or should I say (KAKUI YO!)

My girlfriend is Japanese, I love Japanese Anime and culture, and I'm trying to learn Japanese (I'm in Japanese 3 right now). I'm even thinking abou transfering out to college in Japan next year. If I do, mate, lets have a beer! and lision to a Bomber Game!!! :smiley: 8) :wink: :mrgreen:

I don't know abou the TV in japan, if I go there, I'm going to check that out.

The Blue Bombers got there name from the famous boxser ?Jimmy? "Brown Bomber" Louis (whom the Cleveland Browns are rumored to be named after). When the club was fromed in 1930, they were the "Pegs" and then they played a game agist the Univerty of North Dakota (which they won) and the commentator who was calling the game doubt them "the "Blue Bombers" of Football" and the nickname became the offical name afterwards. and the rest is history.

Lastly, I went to a pub in Kobe and they had all the CFL team flags up on the walls. It was awesome!!! No games though...


it's great to know the Bombers have such a great international following.....way to go guys keep on cheering the BigBlue on ..... maybe we can all have a beer together someday...cheers,,,,, :slight_smile:

I remember on monday hearing from Bob Irving saying that there is alot of die hard bomber fans around the world. Keep it up guys and cheer on the BLUE AND GOLD wherever you are!


My girl friend is a Calgary fan unfortunately, she likes horses :roll:

but different people love their team for different reasons.

Good to know that someone in Japan is a Bomber fan. To bad some of the people in the Peg don't see that we DO have potential we just need to release it.

:D Like I said, there's a Bomber fan in every bar on the planet.

hmmmmm...... you got one thing wrong west side sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! and ya i go to all the home bomber games but thats awsome you listen to all the games on the radio

WEST SIDE SUCKS!!! You guys didn't continue the waze at the last game....

lol On another note, yeah listening to the games isn't the same as watching them first hand.

Difficult to go as I live in Japan. However I'll be in the 'Peg next summer and plan to go to a game or two.

Win or lose.... we're still the best!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Nice to know... I know a big Lion fan in Japan and one in Korea - both been to games here this year and last. The Korean guy was at games in Toronto- also baseball there.