January out 6-8 weeks.

some dude on cjob had an interview where coach lapo mentions january tearing a pec and being out 6-8 weeks.


also mentioned butler,fritz and douglas being in the mix still for the tackles spots. says noone will be brought in except maybe a couple guys for the practise roster after they declare the starters.

butler,labbatte,khan,morley,fritz? is this likely or does kowalchuk,donnelly,greaves have a shot? is bestard still around?

January is an import isn't he? If so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

its a a big deal if hes the best at his position.... fortunately i think we have a lot of depth on the line this year, so we should be alright

well i figured if this Kelly Butler guy is as good as he sounds....you should be alright with him and whoever played the other tackle.

Sorry I am confused ? Is he out until January, or is it 6-8 weeks from January? Obviously he is no good to us in January, what am I saying. 2 months from Jan, assuming the injury took place in late January, guy should have been ready to play months ago.

Ok…OL Glen January is out for 6-8 weeks…starting…now.

He has been transferrd to the 9 games injury list- CFL transactions- or until September 11,2010.


Not a surprise...Hope he heals well... :thup:

Agreed. He was having a really good camp. I hope he heals fast and doesn't have problems with his arm in the future. He's one of those guys whose laid down roots in Winnipeg so I would hate to see him cut later.