January 23 deadline

Got a call from my ticket rep yesterday and I renewed my seats.

Not only is the January 23rd the deadline for the early bird discount, it's also the deadline for renewing season's tickets.

So, if you don't renew yours by the 24th, they're up for grabs for anyone to scoop up.

And I gotta say what a deal tickets are this year with the 35% discount. I actually feel my tickets are underpriced!

Shhhhhhhh don't tell them that..lol


Oh yeah...


I've been a season ticket holder for many years. I want cheap tickets, more discounts and free merchandise. I deserve it! The Ti-Cats are forever indebted to me! I want limosouine servive to my front door for every game!

And Kirk would also like "a million dollars, a (beer) fridge with a padlock, and... huge pectoral muscles." :stuck_out_tongue:

You are now hired as my agent.

Thou coveteth his ice cream bar? :wink:

(See, I'm the keeper of the cheese... and you're the lemon merchant...)

I was at the Ticat store the other day and if you have paid in full for your tickets you get an additional 20% off merch. So i ended up savig 35% on crap that I really don't need but absolutely love!

I received a call from my TigerCat rep as well, and I told him that I did not care to retain my season's tickets. Furthermore I told him that I wanted a refund for the playoff game that I paid for last year.

I wish the 'Cats all the best, and I am glad to see that Mr. Creehan will not be returning (this should help), but I don't care to watch these losers any longer!


That's ok. Where are your seats? With the playoff guarantee I can add tickets for 35% off too. I got my brother to get the seats beside me as a Christmas gift. It was almost the same price seasons as the Flex Pack I usually get. I love it!

We won't miss you.

Well I'm not a loser like justdewey, renewed my tickets yesterday and must say that new Chris guy is super, we had a nice chat about football in general, thanks Chris! You sound like a good one!

You might want to give that some thought again...you've got season's tickets in past years...not been happy with the product on the field...you have an opportunity to pay MUCH LESS for what should be an improved product...and you want to BAIL OUT NOW???? :roll:

Stick it out...when we win the Grey Cup it will be that much sweeter! :wink: :rockin:

Yet another fair weather fan, Buh Bye :roll:

Re: Season Tickets
by Gallagher on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:08 pm

There seems to be a little confusion on the savings for additional seats.

Season ticket holders who purchased the playoff guarantee in 2008 saw a 25% credit in their account for 2009 when they received their invoice (The 25% credit was based on the price the ticket holder paid in 2008, net of taxes). Each ticket would receive an additional savings of 10% if paid in full by Friday, January 23rd. Any ticket holder that bought the 2008 playoff guarantee has the option of extending their 25% discount to any new tickets added to their account for the 2009 season, as well as the aforementioned 10% savings if paid in full by Friday, Jan. 23rd.

Remember, the 25% credit is based on the price that the ticket holder paid in 2008 (net of taxes). Therefore, a season ticket holder in the Family Zone who adds a ticket (and was a part of the 2008 playoff guarantee) will only get 25% off of the price they paid last year towards the new ticket, not 25% off of the new ticket that is in higher priced section.

Example of a Family Zone ticket purchased at the full price of $150.00 in 2008:
Price of 2008 ticket - $150.00
Net price of 2008 ticket - $130.43
25% Playoff Guarantee Credit = $32.61

Therefore, if this season ticket holder wants to add a ticket in the Family Zone or any other section that would be considered a "better" seat, they receive the same discount of $32.61 per seat

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Only three days left!!

Got Mine. Looking forward to this season :thup:

We got ours on Monday.It has probably been said a thousand times before but the service guys and girls at #1 Jarvis are simply the best,better than all the rest.You gotta love Tina Turner! :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Apart from loving Tina Turner, I completely agree with you. :smiley:

I stopped in yesterday and it was completely painless. I've never had a complaint about any dealings I've had with any of the office staff. They've always come through for me whenever I needed anything.

Hurry, only 2 days left to get the extra 10 % off ! :thup:

One day left !