Jan 6 2016 signings

All I hear is cap cap cap, well we have a lot of cap already gone. If you want a great player, you need to pay thier worth, DD, Dressler, Chick and a few other are worthy of this kind of money, We are a rich club, great fans, and sell a pile of rider gear. There is no reason not to keep Dressler and Smith, screw this size bull, cuz they have proven there size and worth over many games. Like someone said, you move Dressler and have another crap season... you will be gone like CC. Our Off. backfield was not the problem last season, Our QB was a bit of a problem, and our Frontline, and neither where as bad as our D was, so why try to fix whats not broke!! I just don't get it!!! :?

It doesn't matter if this team makes a billion dollars a year...there is still a cap. I am fine with a tier 1 violation every year...but there is still a cap. look at something like the Stamps....they are a contender every year. Why...they do not award these top end contracts. Watch the Huf interview I posted. Listen to Murphy or Jones on the cage or zone...they all live by that mentality....they have depth because they can afford it. If you want to be the top paid in the league...go for it...somewhere else. Bo took a pretty low contract for this very reason...that is 100-150k they can spend on depth now. Right now they pay top dollar for DD, Chick and Dressler...that is manageable...but I can 100% guarantee that they want all of those contracts opened up. Chick's is manageable, Dressler shouldn't be over 180, DD should not be over 420. It was BT in a candy store paying vets like a mad man. They MIGHT keep Dressler on for the year with that contract (I think they are pondering shopping him), but he will NOT be back in 17 with the same value unless he has like a 1600 yard season/

Bottom line...it is about depth. Every time you pay top end rate for 1 player it hampers your ability to grow quality depth.

Lol I don't think Dressler is one bit scared to pick up the phone as he knows damn well if they try to cut his salary to an unreasonable amount he can go to any team and they will pay him gladly. Like I said in an earlier discussion Dressler does not need to go begging with hat in hand. I guarantee you if the Riders are stupid enough to try and screw Dressler down he can tell them to go pound sand and have a job within a week for equal pay. Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, plus probably every other team would be pounding his door down with a contract in hand.

This is not a game that you can bluff in when you don't hold no cards and the other guy knows it. It is stupid to even think of trying and quite frankly insulting if they do.

Now if they make him an offer for a longer contract but at less per year or perhaps a less base and more incentive heavy contract they may have a chance but to just say either take a cut or else... Well they may find he takes the or else without even blinking and leaving them with no Dressler and no Smith. Lol kiss Jones good bye before he even gets started. You think the Richard riots of Montreal were bad this could make that look like a Sunday School social gathering. Jones may be an azz I just hope he isn't a dumb azz to boot.

And as I have said, the new staff has very openly said if a player wants top dollar, by all means go for it, but it won't be in Regina. They are glaringly clear about it. This is not speculation. There is no reading between lines. They have straight up said it...repeatedly. They have also said players need to be prepared to open contracts or they may not be in the long term plans and in some cases even the immediate plans. Both Jones and Murphy have said fairwell to players because of this in the past and they will do it again. Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting top dollar...but be prepared that it might equate to a move....nothing wrong with either view on it, it is simply a new philosophy than in the past...the past was not sustainable. Also like I said...they MIGHT be willing to ride his contract out for 2016, but it won't happen in 17. Therefore, if he is not willing to open it the smart thing to do is get something while they can. I believe the Als would be all over it. Hell...there is speculation Chick might not be around, and his contract is not even that bad...he would willingly take a cut though to stay on. They haven't even talked to him. He has his crossfit thing going now...he would negotiate.

That philosophy may work in other cities or other teams but it has to remembered this is Saskatchewan and the Riders are the ONLY TEAM here. In Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton,Calgary, BC they can perhaps get away with moving a big name player with only some fuss. Look at the missed field goal and how that turned out for Paul. Now move Dressler and potentially multiply the reaction by 100 times. Is Jones prepared to hang himself before he even gets comfortable here?

Now I'm not endorsing any action or reaction if it happens that Jones does make a move with Dressler but I am saying realistically there is the potential of such a sh**storm that not even he could fathom the magnitude of doing such a thing. if he was smart he would tread a bit lightly the first year and see what happens. If the team is successful then next year he can test the waters if he is so inclined. All I'm saying I don't want to see him play Russian roulette with a gun that has all the chambers loaded. Guaranteed he will lose every time. Some times the best action is no action and I feel for the good of the team that is exactly what he should do in this case. The waters have been stirred enough especially on defense and for the most part since the defense was glaringly the worse part of the team last year fans can accept that, but to pull the pin on Dressler or even Smith for that matter and it could get real ugly really, really, really fast for Jones.

Bite the bullet so to speak this year and perhaps take the cap hit. If the Riders tank again this year he could possibly justify making such a bold move but to do so now is just not the best time in my opinion.

The fans and the team NEEDS to see some stability and yes that includes some names they are familiar with and love. Moving Dressler is only going to do the opposite and I honestly don't know if the fans will be quite as understanding or forgiving as Jones may think they are. As I said this has the potential to be a very very short stay for Jones if he is not wise enough to know where to bend a bit. His choice though but he had better think long and hard before doing anything as far as Dressler goes.

He has absolutely nothing to lose in asking players to take a cut. They take it or they don't. It does not instantly mean they are gone...Dressler is still under contract. However, should a first round pick be offered up and he wasn't budging...gone...no second thought. I would probably look at moving him anyways. Sign Smith for 120k, move Dressler. A GM can't worry about being popular with the fans by hampering the team to keep the vets pockets full....this was proven by BT. 250k when you have a guy that has been dubbed Dressler 2.0...younger and cheaper...that is insanity. Think of the sales...the Dressler market is saturated...Smith's is not, and he was becoming a fan favorite very quickly. I would love to see em both, but I don't see that happening. I think Dressler will open up his contract.

Personally I don't think Jones is stupid, and I don't think he is oblivious to "Saskatchewan RoughRider Culture" and that it is owned and supported by the entire province! In a big part, I believe his decisions will reflect that.
I do think Jones is an excellent coach and judge of athletic talent and is first and foremost here in SASKATCHEWAN to build a strong "long term" Franchise that wins championships. In this effort I at this time support him and hope him all the best.
IMHO :cowboy:

I'd say that DD will get that call before Dressler will. He's made a ton of money over the last two seasons for only appearing in 25% of them.

I'm not too sure on that Deanjo, Durant is still walking with a noticeable limp.

As he should be. His rehab would ideally have him starting to jog a little heavier now....he is ahead of that.

His cast came off in what...mid August? You work on regaining ankle flexibility for a few weeks once it is off, then move into putting mild rehab pressures onto it, then assisted weight baring after about 6 weeks to 2 months (ie use of gates to increase your body weight on it slowly, then into a walking boot with crutches, then walking boot)...by this time DD was already ahead...he had been flying around a bit and walking well with a walking boot and started attending games. Flights can be hard on the tendons during this recovery due to pressure changes...but he progressed pretty fast. this was all about 2 weeks ahead of hopes and was doing mild movement stretches after under 5 weeks...that is pretty incredible. That puts him in early October already being in a walking boot at games. That isn't normally expected in his situation until what would have been very late October.

From there you move to different walking boots that lower your ankle rotation until you are flat footed...you can start doing light cardio like swimming or light resistance cycling once you can put all your weight in the walking boot. After about 4 months total you generally start doing light weights and squats and stuff, and you increase that over 2 months...that puts us to mid-late December. Hell...the last 2 weeks of the season he was actually throwing a few balls in practice...no boot! That is simply stunning. After 5 months you can hopefully progress to jogging, and a month or so after that running and starting to put the pressures of making agility cuts while running...that should be February.

His recovery, thus far, has been very good. Any reports that have come out have been glowing.

So now I'm confused lindon is saying he still has a noticeable limp when walking and depop is saying he is ahead of schedule? Umm so what is it, is he a gimp or is he superman?

He is doing about as good as can be expected at this point. All indications from him, staff and doctors have said that he is doing great. Could it hit a slow progression period...sure...but a best case scenario to getting back to normal intense athletics is still 6 months after the cast is off, and it has only been like 5. moving without a limp at this point would be unheard of.