Jan 6 2016 signings

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced national running back Melvin Abankwah, international wide receiver Michael Campbell, and international defensive back Nick Taylor have all signed with the team. As per club policy, terms of the contracts were not released.

Abankwah (5’9 – 190) was originally selected by the Riders in the 6th round (50th overall) of the 2015 CFL Draft after playing four seasons at Saint Mary’s University. In 2014, Abankwah totaled 534 yards and two touchdowns on 112 carries in seven CIS conference games.

Last season, the 24-year-old Abankwah attended Riders training camp playing two preseason games.

Campbell (6’2 – 205) joins the Green and White after spending parts of four seasons in the NFL. Originally signing with the New York Jets in July, 2011 as an undrafted free agent Campbell signed with the St. Louis Rams in 2012 before returning to the Jets for 2013 playing four regular season games.

Campbell was selected by the Riders in December’s CFL waiver draft. The 26-year-old spent most of last season on the Ottawa REDBLACKS practice roster.

Taylor (5’10 – 190) signs with the Riders after spending time with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. The 27-year-old previously signed with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent in March, 2012 before briefly joining the Jets in January, 2014.

Taylor was originally signed to the Riders practice roster last October after spending the 2015 season with the Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators

Michael Campbell will be a guy to watch

I have said it before…this is my favorite time of the year to watch moves…that 21 days post GC game and before Free Agency…when teams are forced to cut down to their season ending rosters and players can be snatched up IF you left less than the 53(?) they are forced to be under…Jones was the only guy, I believe, who went under, so it was a good sign he was hoping to take a few players.

The signing of WR Campbell is huge indeed :thup:

Glad to see positive steps towards building a younger, faster talented Roughriders team that'll win multiple Grey Cups.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2016/01/08/riders-add-defensive-lineman/]http://www.riderville.com/2016/01/08/ri ... e-lineman/[/url]

DL Caesar Rayford has signed.

Camp body I would hope

Riders just signed DB Darrius Brooks. Could be a good signing as long as he adapts quickly to the CFL no touchy rules.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/01/11/roughriders-acquire-maurice-price-from-redblacks/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/01/11/roughrider ... redblacks/[/url]

Riders deal trade with Ottawa - Acquire R Maurice Price

Well that solves any utility issues, replaces T-Jax returning, and brings in a guy who could be a monster if he learns a proper waggle from a guy like Dressler.

What I don't like is that Price is like 160 or 170 or something like that. Murphy extended him then Huf shipped him out. I also know he can be an issue at times with drama...not a locker room cancer or anything, but drama

This seems like a move that the Redblacks just wanted to ship out a high salary and the Riders basically gave up a 7th round pick...so yeah.. That said, the Redblacks messed up their presser and put it out there that he had been released...so basically he was already gone...the Riders came in with a last minute offer though

unless there was a renegotiation this almost assuredly means Dressler and/or Smith are goneso. If this contract, which IMO is too high, costs one of those 2 players...this is the new management's first big blunder IMO.

I call this a miss at that priice

Way off the mark depop, 6'1 - 205 lbs. is more like it.

Pretty sure Depo was talking $$$$$$$$$$ not size.

I'm kinda liking the looks of Price, Roosevelt, Demsky, one of Dressler or Smith, and hopefully Bagg and Not Getz, but even a Getz might work, as the early[ depth chart at receiver. One or 2 of them may have to move around a bit positionally but if this is as bad as it gets I'm sure Durant could work with it. Basically Price for a 6th rounder means price is right for me. As for the 160,000ish, can you find a reliable starter for much less these days? Not sure what a mid to above average receiver is worth around the league. Considering that Demski and Roosevelt are probably going to be getting a bit less than "proven" vets out there, and Bagg and Getz know their best value is behind them, so it's eighther reduce or look for work, I'm thinking the amount spent on receivers will give them options elsewhere for this year, as their average will be well within the range for a recievering core, well below what an Ottawas' is, for example.

I just hope that they don't lose Roosevelt. IMO he is the new Bowman (without the drops) or Stamps of this league soon.

Ugh 16o-170k and 30 years old? What was Jones thinking? Thought we were on a youth move and then we bring in someone more likely on the down side of the hill? That plus if Ottawa
was about to release him but we got suckered into trading for him then someone deserves a kick in the nuts. Lol to have to give up either Dressler or Smith for this would be a massive mistake and if it happens someone needs to fry for it.

Just plain stupid if that is the case. Sorry depop this isn't just a blunder this is suicide. How popular would it be if fans find out either Dressler or Smith got booted for this guy? Good luck with that.

As Taleback mentioned I meant salary.

Ok, and where your ratio players go? 3 on the OL (unless they miraculously find a starting caliber Canadian OT), 1 WR in Demsky...maybe one in Bagg. that is 4, maybe 5. That means one at Safety and one on the DL. Safety is covered. DL is not. that is 6, maybe 7, so there would absolutely need to be a Canadian RB with a backup....but Jones is bringing his boy over from Eskiland.

For me, Price is way over-valued...unless he renegotiates. IMO this means that they have to move either Dressler or let Smith go...I mean, I guess it could work if players start taking some cuts (DD, Dressler and Chick), but 160 or whatever for a 30y/o import who has had his share of drops and and I don't think has ever broke 800 yards...I would rather see Smith at 120-140. I like that Price is 6-1...Again, they have preached big bodies. I like that he is going to scare secondaries a bit...but the Redblacks were "releasing" him for a reason. I mean their original press release was literally a caption saying he was released.

I am not saying Price is a bad player at all...I just think that if he is replacing one of the 2 mentioned it is a downgrade overall IMO. Smith, in his second year and first getting real action, was a catch away from 1000 (missed a couple games) and had 7 TDs and made some electrifying grabs and is the player DD said he would select out of anyone to build a team from scratch from (or was it QB smith...perhaps)

Brooks on the other hand...very nice pickup likely.

[url=http://defendther.com/2015/01/18/redblacks-acquire-wr-maurice-price-in-offseasons-first-big-move/]http://defendther.com/2015/01/18/redbla ... -big-move/[/url]


I would say you can kiss Smith goodbye with this move.

Okay...sounds like Price is willing to negotiate...so that is great

Murphy and Jones have made it very clear though...If you want the top end pay in the league then by all means explore the other 8 teams....Murphy literally said that today on Sportscage (great interview). He could not have been clearer. This is something Huff has preached and clearly Murphy gets it to as does Jones...if you want a good Huf interview and to see where Murphy is coming from go down to "5/19/15 Coach and GM John Hufnagel invites us in" @ http://www.cflhorsemen.ca/2015.html

salary renegotiation are clearly an expectation.

I'm glad we have Taleback to pick up on these things. Cheers

Sounds like Price renegotiated for <120k. Dressler must not want to answer his phone right now I bet.