Jan 23: Flames vs. Oilers

my prediction:
in OT

your thoughts/predictions?

....different than yours....... :twisted: .....

Update: :twisted:

2 many turnovers
echl goalie
ulanov sucks

Exactly, I think some changes have to be made on defense and obviously a starting goaltender.

the times are a changing, oil 2 points back of the flameouts.....


GO OILERS! (can't believe I'm saying that! :oops:) and JETS! (that's better) GO!

Cheering for the Oilers can't be so bad your cheering for the last WHA team in existance!

that's true. but don't ever forgot who was the flagship of that league, with 3 Avco Cups! :wink:


Mike Morrison has been playing very well as of late. This leaves me wondering whether or not we actually need to trade for a goaltender. With our excess of defencemen I could still see Lowe trading tarnstrom and a pick(and maybe someone else) for someone like denis, or cujo right before the trade deadline. Personally I think Morrison will be able to get the job done the rest of the regular season, but the playoffs might be a different story.