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What will it take for the Ticats to win?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm asking you because I have no idea anymore what it will take to get this team firing on all pistons. The smart money says the Cats get dusted again this week in Vancouver followed by a thrashing next week but I remain hopeful that Jason Maas will finally get over his mental roadblocks to success and show some confidence on the field. I said it last season and I'll say it again this season, Maas does not have his head in Hamilton. It's back in Alberta where his family is. The same place that he has publicly stated he wants to build his life. When you combine extreme home sickness with fans who have had more than enough of his lack lustre play, it becomes pretty tough to take to the field with any degree of confidence. However, he's supposed to be a professional football player and as such be able to control the mental part of the game. I feel for the guy but if I don't see some serious spark tommorrow night then I say start shopping him around and hand the ball to Chang for this season.
I'm also worried about Ticat GM Marcel Desjardin. His decision making has been very questionable in light of the Morreale/Hitchcock debacle and moves like gettting rid of Wayne Shaw and others. No wonder the team is having trouble with leadership. They ripped the freakin heart out of the team.
Good luck boys....you'll need it....BIG TIME.

I agree with this part. If Burris is available then swapping the two of them might be a good idea for everyone concerned.

As neither Hitch or Mike have been picked up by another team, it’s time to close the book on this argument.