Jamie Boreham

Why does the club keep him on the 46 man roster?

Put him on the DL, insert Iain Fleming for some special teams work and move forward from there?

I am not trying to slam Boreham, just curious why he isn't on the DL if he can't play.

i think he's related to the owner.

release him!

and give Ranek back his #30.

apparently Boreham wouldn’t give it up last year because he had such a banner season in 2005.

time to move on, goodbye Jamie.

This game might spell the end of Jamie, Myers was great tonight.

Maybe there's a role for Boreham yet. His kick-off's are among the best in the league, and his punting couldn't be any worse than Fleming. What do we have to lose?

They seem to have a FG kicker , now how about a punter?

I agree. I am getting tired of hearing Pat Fleming booting kicks in pregame warmups but then getting cold feet almost when the game is on.

I also hate Rod Black's witty comments comparing football to golf geeze go back to commentating figure skating.

I remember a punter last year like that. Name was Tack wasn't it? :lol: :lol: :rockin:

Actually his name is Boreham... you know the guy that was dead last in punting last year.

where's mike ray? mac punter, fleming has had his go and it's not working.

diesel27...why is he still on the roster??..they are trying to trade him...don't want to put him on the injury list for the same reason and he probably signed a contract that has some clauses that are onerous for the cats....things like this are messy and take time...bottom line is no team is interested in him....at the very best he is a one dimensional player....what he has going for him is that his position is held by a canadian player but what team right now needs a kicker!!...his career although short is over!!understand that Vancouver College needs a kicking coach and the elementary flag football challenge is gearing and they need coaches!!