Jamie Boreham

Just wondering Guys should we be at all worried about jamie boreham missing a field goal last night from 19 yards out? or is this something to not worry about because it is preseason? and do you guys think that he will be in top not form when the season comes around? cause I am Worried and should I be worried about Jamie?

I must say that i believe it was a bad snap. from where i was seated it looked to be a bit high and off centre and the whole miss maybe a combination of bad snapping/misheld by the holder. Its only preseason so this kind of cinks must be sorted out. I beleive Jamie was and will be in top form for the Season. Dont worry, be happy

I agree with Barrenechea in that there are little timing things that will be getting refined as we go on....On the game broadcast last night they were saying that in game conditions, everything happens so much faster than at training camp and it shows everywhere on the field...they were also very critical (a bit too much I think) of Flemming's punt that was returned for 45 yards as it should have never been kicked straight downfield to Levingston who was standing right in the middle........but hey, I'm not worried a bit about both aspects of our kicking game.....this is why we're in training camp still.....to refine all those aspects and get ready for the games that do count...

As I was stuck working during the game and miles away from a computer could someone please clarify this for me.

cheatwood_4949 says that Boreham missed a 19 yard FG.

The Ti-Cat Insider email says Boreham missed a 50 yard FG that went for a single point.

The Hamilton Spectator says Boreham missed a 38 yard FG that went for a single point.

oooo, confusions sets in.

Not that it really matters, I am just curious. Which is it?

Well Jan, to add to your confusion, the stats page says that Pat Fleming kicked two field goals too.....lol click here

It's an exhibition game for all involved to work out the rust it seems....

No biggie though.......we kicked the crap out of the Argos, tested all our guys and it's still the weekend!....alls good! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure the miss was from 38 yards.

And I’m not worried about Jamie. Special teams take a long time to gel, especially considering that they’re the last thing that gets practiced during training camp.

It worked Mike, you added to my confusion. Did Fleming not kick two FG's. Even the Ti-Cat insider email says he kicked one from 14 yards and one from 37.

That's it!!! I am never missing a game again!!! I'm canceling my trip to Mackenzie BC next weekend even if it does mean I will lose out on the equivalent of a months pay.

Borehams made field goal was from 19 yards

Boreham actually was 3-4 last night…the CFL website made an error on their stats page and reported that our punter, Pat Fleming, made 2 field goals when in fact it was Boreham…

as I said, it seems everyone is rusty in their duties…not just the players themselves… :lol:

Gotta love the pre-season!..lol