Jamie Boreham

I see he still hasn't resigned
There probably be no more movements until after trade deadline.
Whats everyones opinion on signing Boreham or going to a one player (Congi) do both jobs.

I honestly go back and worth thus wouldnt make a good gm.
Nice to free up money and roster spot but Boreham would be great insurance if Congi got injured
Plus I love how Jamie hits guys on kick off returns

From what I recall of two seasons past ('06 season I believe it was, anyway) Congi was our all purpose kicker and, for all intents and purposes, he just wasn't up to snuff. He is a great field goal kicker, possibly one of the best, but for some reason he seems to struggle on both punts and kick offs to the point of having the lowest punt yard average (by a bit) and the lowest kick off yard average (by a lot). That was the reason Boreham was brought in from my understanding - to alleviate some of the workload for Congi and to improve the Rider kicking average to a respectable level.

Looking at the '08 punting averages Boreham is a good three yards higher then Congi and that's after taking almost 100 more punts then Congi. Unless Boreham is asking for a steep price upgrade then or its just not economical to go with a two kicker team anymore, then I'm not sure why Sask hasn't re-signed Boreham yet.

Burke Dales is set to be a free agent and he was 4th in punting average last year.

Could be an option.

There is no way the riders can have Congi punting and doing kick offs. If Boreham is not resigned then someone else will need to be brought in for those positions. Congi is an excellent field goal kicker but thats it. Having a good punter is extremely important, especially in close games where field position is key.

I know JB is a good kicker, but other than kickoffs I'm not sure the riders are completely sold on him and maybe wanna offer less money this time around. His punting has been at the bottom of the league, and the way he plays, injuries might be an issue. If you're using that extra roster soot for another kicker then I'm sure u want him on the field doing his job. I'm not saying I don't enjoy his style of play but if he's injured and his duties are reverted back to Luca then it's pointless even having him

Last years stats have JB at 6th in punt, 7th in net punt, and 1st in kick-offs. So what do you do if you're the riders? Now I'm willing to give him a bit of slack on the punt avgs considering how attrocious our special teams play was altogether.

Half his games are also played in Regina and for a number of those games wind is a major factor. That will kill most anyone's average.

I think he will re-sign. Coach Miller I heard is high on him and now that he is "running the show" in ET's stead, he will likely get his way, plus I doubt anyone else really wants him.

He was brought in because Congi couldn't get the job done and I don't think the coaching staff is willing to take the chance with Congi for all kicking duties again (as least I hope not).

As far as him playing for less money as some suggest, I am willing to bet that he was already at the league minimum wage for a veteran.

I personally like him. I think he is an overall good athlete and I love his linebacker mentality on coverage.

He was actually 8th in average and 7th in net, ahead of only Serna, who missed so many fieldgoals last year, it is tough to judge his net effectively. Boreham is an enigma. Obviously he has a very strong leg---his kick=offs prove that. But he isn't all that good a punter. Maybe he needs to hang out with Jon ryan in the off season. Anyway, it's tough to justify having two guys doing your kicking if the punter is the worst in the league. True, nobody expects him to lead the league punting at Taylor Field. What I do expect, is for him to out punt his opposite number each week, and that rarely happens.
A lot of people want to judge Luca based on his one year of punting. First, the kid didn't punt in college. Maybe he deserves a little slack based on that. Second, the pro year is a long one compared to college, and his leg clearly was tiring in the latter stages of the rookie year. Third, regarding kick-offs, his average was very low, but given his leg isn't super strong, but he is very accurate, we pooch kicked---a lot--and that was relatively effective. Based on reports out of training camp last year, his punting has improved and there was talk last year Boreham might be released. I say sign him, and then let him keep his job in TC. The problem with bringing in competition for the kicking spot is, there are limited roster spots for camp, and bringing in a few kickers means that extra RB doesn't get an invite either.
My biggest concern in letting Luca do everything is whether it impacts his fieldgoal kicking.

A few further tidbits, you don't really save salary by having one kicker--somebody takes that roster spot, so you might have a marginal savings. But being able to add an extra o-lineman, or another DB/LB/RB/etc., to play special teams adds depth at that position plus theoretically, makes your STs better, thereby enhancing our net returns and negatively impacting the other teams.

Actually "AriusReturns" you are incorrect in stating that Congi did not punt in university.

Here are his records for punting at university: 2002 (27-916) 33.9 yrd average ,2003 (66-2328) 35.3 yrd average, 2004 (60-2311) 38.5 yrd average, 2005 (62-2509) 40.5 yrd average. In 2003 and 2005 he led the CIS in blocked punts.


I am incorrect in stating that Congi led the CIS those 2 years in blocked punts.

Thanks Oxbow. I stand corrected.
What is worth noting then, is that his college average improved each and every year--34, 35, 38, 40. Strength is something that comes with age, and technique can be learned, so no reason to think he can't punt better than he did in his rookie year. And given that his fieldgoal accuracy outside of 40 has improved....
And he definitely needs to get the ball away quicker--something that was a huge problem for Jon Ryan in his rookie year as well.

I don't know why I thought he didn't punt in college? Got his high school records at your finger tips :oops: ?

But he is still to slow for the pros.....but he'll get better.

Nope. No high school records that I can find.

True he improved over the years, but I do not think he will average much more that 40-42 yrds per punt as he ages. No argument though that his release is too slow and it will need to dramatically improve over what it was at university or his rookie year because the pro game is that much faster than university. HIs hang time is not all that great either.

Let him focus on being the best place kicker in league in my opinion (at least for % completions). He will never be much higher than number 7 or 8 in the league (and number 8 is more realistic I think) in punting. Poor punting may affect his place kicking in his mind I would think. It would only put added pressure on him to make up for a not so great punt. He may get down on himself and loose overall confidence in both aspects of his game.

Boreham punting and doing kickoffs with Congi place kicking works just fine. Boreham's down field coverage is as good as any young Canadian linebacker who specializes in special teams so the 'riders do not loose in keeping him around. Dressing another O'lineman to sit on the bench or only to come in for short yardage plays does not improve the team on game day in my opinion.

I wish the 'riders could just dress one player for kicking duties, but I don't think it will make the team better to have Congi do everything so I think the 'riders will just have to live with that. Replacing Boreham for a "bench sitter" does not make the team better on game day in my opinion.

I love Boreham's atitude. He's gonna be a game day hero soon by snagging a turnover at a critical time, I feel it every time he kicks.

I know the feeling. Everytime I see him shank a punt (or face heavy front-wind) I know Boreham will be motoring it up field to try and land on the ball first. It's not a very good reason to have a low punt average but it's a good way for him to try and exploit his own weakness.

He’s coaching basketball in Vancouver right now. I just saw him a couple of weeks ago at a game. I should have asked him what his intentions were…

Obviously it's a business and the Riders are probably always looking to get better. One thing I always liked about Boreham is he always gave it his all, he always managed to get downfield pretty quick and caused a few turnovers. Does that make up for the yardage, I'm not sure.

thanks for your input,
Im going off the fence and I wouldnt resign him right away
that extra money could go toward a FA (Lloyd)
but obviously if our big fish leave then sign Boreham. Dont think he would be in high demand.