Jamie Boreham retires due to Neck injury

So Jamie has decided (for now) to retire because of his neck injury he suffered while with Saskatchewan..

(see the Riders must have known something..)

he did flunk his medical with the Argos and figured it was better to retire for now, and possibly return another day when his neck has properly healed.

Argos now look like they again need to find a decent kicker!

this is just a paper transaction and nothing more.. he isnt "retired".. he's just... not active right now.. besides the argos drafted grant shaw a kicker and have some kid name dehazee or something.

While I just threw up in my mouth typing this, I [gag....grimace....swallow] agree with Killer. They had to do something with him so he didn't take up a TC roster spot, and don't want to release him, so he "retired". It a roster-management move far more than an indicator of his future plans. Unless he never gets better, I guess.

Some might have said that they need to find a decent kicker even if Boreham wasn't injured. :slight_smile:

Boreham's problem is he played the game like a free safety on kickoffs and his toughness eventually caught up to him with the injury. Have you ever seen a kicker hammer guys like Boreham did. He was a db in college and he is tough as nails. Too bad, a classy , gutsy kid. Best of luck Jamie! IF Don Cherry was a football analyst he would love you!! :cowboy:

Boreham ruled and I would take him over any punter in the league.

His rugby-like style was exciting and has potential to change the way kickers play football.

Punting the ball when you only need 4 yards and half the defense is sprinting the other direction seems like a good time to run for a punter. However, if it wasn't Boreham would just kick the ball running full-speed and at an angle.

Plus he would really try to recover his own punts quite often.

He was an entertaining and athletic football player and I hope he is well enough to return and continue his game-changing style of football.

Boreham has made some good hits, but not nearly as many or as highlight-reel as the ones Prefontaine made when he was an Argo.

Didn't Pre have concussion issues?