Jamie Boreham is our version of Scott Norwood!!!

Remember Scott Norwood the kicker for the Buffalo Bills who had the opportunity to win the Superbowl against the Giants but instead booted the ball wide? Jamie Boreham is our version of Scott Norwood but I think Norwood was still a better kicker? What I don't understand from all the hype in the recent training camp about how Marshall during the Black and Gold game flagged Boreham and marched him back to kick a field goal from the 50 and he split the uprights but in a real game he choaks what the heck is going on, he has cost us critical points that are gone, so now if he plays a great game against Calgary is he a star again or does the guy go? Cmon Greg make the change and give us a good kicker it's about time not about Boreham!!!!!!

Jamie was a defensive safety mostly for the Manitoba Bisons and somewhere along the line started to kick (which is why he can lay huge licks on the returners) and when Ozzy suddenly retired, was pressed into service by the Tiger-Cats.

Some one on the Ticats last year recognized his potential and had the smarts to bring in Bernie Ruoff to help Jamie hone his skills......and the results were very notable last year...Ruoff is a wonderful teacher and kicking coach and I was very surprised when I didn't see him at camp this year to continue his work with the kickers.....I have no idea why Ruoff wasn't back as I really didn't ask anybody (perhaps Bernie didn't have the time in his schedule....I don't know)But it's clear that both Fleming and Boreham would continue to improve if Bernie was to work with them.I do know for a fact that Boreham was thrilled to have a master CFL kicker take interest in helping him out....it may be worth it to give Bernie a call and have him pick up where he left off last year.

Both Fleming and Boreham have the ability and the tools to be great kickers in this league. They both work very hard and when things don't work out, they are hardest on themselves.

Here's what Jamie said in today's Spec:

[i]""No," Boreham answered when asked whether the boos bothered him.

"My kicking bothers me. I embarrassed myself out there. I let the team down, so I have to be better next week and fix things," he said. Ticat head coach Greg Marshall said post-game he continues to have confidence in his kicker. "That's nice when people do believe in you. It makes things easier at times like this. "You live to fight another day and that (Saturday night's performance) won't happen again. I'm just looking forward to kicking again and atone for the mistakes of (Saturday) night." [/i]

We're all looking forward to you kicking again Jamie and performing well. And if you can't get the job done, that would be unfortunate as this team will not put up with you missing field goal after field goal, and neither with the fans. You have a linebacker mentality, which is fantastic, but you are a field goal kicker and I'd rather have a skinny 120 lb weakling who can kick the darn thing through the uprights fairly consistently than a kicker who can knock the living daylights out of guys returning missed field goals for returns.
Have a good one Thursday, for everyone's sake, please.

Mikey, its best not to revise history. We picked up Boreham as a kicker. Period. His leg got him a try out, not his work as a safety in the CIS. I give Jamie credit, he's not making excuses. Others should take the hint.

It's too soon to give up on Boreham. However, I don't think a pro team should've given the job to a guy who is almost a complete novice. It may not be sexy but next to QB, it's the most important job on the team.

Scott Norwood missed one field goal,Jamie Boreham misses all of his field goals.

jamies bad, face it, wat a horrible performance..

Maybe we should be bringing in an animal to kick field goals, like a mule or a goat. I've seen these movies where animals come in and turn around an entire franchise.

Good Call.

Gus, the Yugoslavian mule, saved the California Atoms that year. Couldnt believe the coach,Don Knotts, didnt get fired after they went 0-6.
Ed Asner ,the owner, showed alot of patience.

I bet if our mule could even go 2 for 4, the argos would immediately hire Tim Conway and Tom Bosley to sabotage him.

Yes, kidnap the mule and hide it in a hotel room until the game was over, as if.
with Ham's luck our mule would miss 18 yarders too.

He will be the Kicker in Calgary