Jamie Boreham (in support of)

Hello all!

Saturday night was not fun at all, not for any of us. There's been alot of trashing of players and coaches since then, some of it makes sense, most of it doesn't. Bottom line, fact of the matter, our Cats will fight another day. That said however brings me to Jamie.

Jamie is obviously a classy guy. He carries himself on the field and publicly very well. He has been struggling this year thus far, as he has in the past couple from time to time. When he first came into camp, lots of people called for his head...err...leg. After some time to relax and really get good at it, some extra help last year, and boom, he's in the top half of the leagues kickers (71.9%). So it's early this year, he will settle in, he will play better.

Give the guy some room to breathe. I am confident he has what it takes to be successful, he's already shown us.

Jamie continues to have my full support. I couldn't say it any better than you did DavidC.

I am sure Jamie is a very nice guy but he obviously can't get the job done.

He will need to stick around until a better replacement is found if that ever happens. If and when a better kicker is onboard, its Jamie's job to beat him out.

If he is still the kicker after others are brought in and let go, we obviously can't do any better and the guy will have my support.

The team has a responsibility find the most talented players available, if we just kept the nice guys on the team, we wouldn't be competing!

Good luck on this post.

For someone who has provided some of the most exciting plays in the last two building years and never once complained (except about his occasional bad performance), I find it disgusting the way he has been treated here and I hope Jamie finds peace on another team whose fans appreciate him and his selfless, all-out efforts such as he gave for the Tiger-Cats.....what a huge loss for this team!

he is my friend and I will stick by him always......you people will never know the quality person who you have tried to destroy! (and I'm directing this to the obvious members who never quit on trashing him....)....but knowing Jamie, he will succeed somewhere else!

Go 30! :thup:

Hilarious... you actually think that people WANT Jamie to fail.

Hate to break it to you but he'd doing that part on his own, all we're doing is pointing out the obvious.

You dont win championships with mediocre play.

Its obvious that the coaching staff agree as they have brought someone in to compete with Jamie.

Personally I hope Jamie continues to EARN the job and not have it handed to him. Should he EARN it, that means he has improved.

Support and being blind are two different things.

He must improve, no doubt about it. Please don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that I support him through this slump, knowing he will turn the corner soon enough.

First off he is not a kicker, period. He was a defensive player in college at Manitoba, Marshall decided to make him a kicker and he is below average at best. He is a very nice guy and he may be a very classy person but it takes a lot more to win football games then class and good looks. Now if Jamie could consistantly kick field goals through the uprights from anywhere on the field upto 55 yards out than I would support the guy and be behind him 100% but not on class and good looks, save that for GQ Magazine.

Jamie has had a few seasons under his belt to polish up his act. Most importantly, he's had the past off season and pre season to get his act together.
I'm glad that some competition has been brought in to possibly take the kicking job, but I'm not getting my hopes up there either.
Maybe Ticat management should try to get Bernie Ruoff back in camp to tutor Jamie.
The last time they did this, Jamie truly began to look like a kicker.
That said, Jamie's already had plenty of time to perfect his craft. If he doesn't show improvement in the immediate future, I'd cut him.

He obviously has the leg and talent...I wonder if the coaching staff has suggested that he sees a sports psychologist. Could be just a mental block.

I think Borham is only part of the problem- start looking at Marshall and the teams he coached and STILL could not win a championship-- and the teams were loaded with talent!!!!!!!!!!

I've actually always wondered how he would perform as a DB.. didn't he play as a safety in college? Either way, I think he's a good guy to have on the roster

Garthman....Marshall did not "make the decision to make him a kicker." He was picked up in that role period. He had and has no chance of playing pro ball as anything but a kicker. Mikey...sorry dude but time is running out. It has nothing to do with him being a nice guy. Its not disgusting or some terrible act of mankind. The guy is paid to kick and for the third year in a row one or more elements of his game is not at a pro player level. If he doesn't step up in Calgary management must act in the interests of the rest of the team. Peace

Mikey...sorry dude but time is running out.
No need to apologize at all......just saying Jamie's a good friend and I know what's in his heart....he loves this team and feels bad for what happened Saturday night.....

But as as an observer also, I have to say he has already given me some great thrills on the field in his short career as a Tiger-Cat.....

Whatever the coaches decide is out of us fans control though......I just hope they are careful.....decisions about kicking are very delicate.... 8)

Yah guys your all taking this a little too far. Face it. He sucked royaly at the game. 3 misses in a row is inexcusable. We've put up with this garbage for a while now and its time hes gone. i dont care how hard he works or how nice he is; the fact is his kicking skills ARENT nice at all. He started out as a kicker and will end as a kicker. And that end should be coming soon hopefully...

Here's what I want to see in a kicker.

  1. consistency in making field goals.
  2. Long, deep high kickoffs with hang time.
  3. ability to make a tackle when you're the last man between the returner and the end zone.
  4. A nice guy who carries himself with class.

That's all I ask.

No matter who the kicker is the priority is 1 thru 4, not 4 thru 1. I have nothing against any man personally. This is a cruel business folks and performance comes first.

While my heart was sad to see Joe Montford go my head knew it was best.

While I like Jamie the person, I need a better kicking performance and he's running out of time to show he's up to the job.

Wow, when the zingers are even flying throughout your "in support of" thread, you know you're in tough.

Well, here's to ya Jamie. If you can somehow turn things around, you'll join an esteemed group of loved/hated/loved again Hamilton kickers throughout history.

What? It could happen. Then again, I'm one of those "visualize world peace" types, so take it from the source.

Some of my friends cant punt or kick field goals too and you dont hear me bragging.

Saint,jerk, none of the above is immaterial to football. All the critics would be silenced if Boreham just did the damn job he's being paid to do.

My dream ? Jamie, visualize yourself putting the visual ball through the friggin visual uprights.

...and then we can all sit back, take a pull from our smuggled mickeys, and scream "F*CK YA!!"

Right on. But the less said about the next morning the better.

I find it disgusting the way some fans are dumping on MANY players and coaches here.

Who would want to come here in future (or stay presently (ie, sign long term contracts)) when some fans so quickly (in many cases) call for your head and treat you like dirt.

Hamilton has been known to eat up and spit out quality QBs (Clements, Calvillo, even McManus) yet many continue to b_tch and complain about everything.

It's 2 losses people, from a team that is totally new in some aspects (most of offense... players and coaches/offensive scheme).

Give it some time please and chill out!!!

(or you'll drive present people away and stop others from wanting to come in future)