We acquired DL ALvin Washington from Sask. in exhcnage for jamie borheam.

great deal by marcel, we actually get something in return for this guy.

Good trade. This guy could be a keeper. As for Jamie, it's too bad he showed so much potential but was way too inconsistent.

Wow that is a surprise although it was reported here earlier. I thought his game was starting to come around late last year but I guess consistency is the name of the game with Marcel.

And it is official. It is no longer a rumour. You can click here and here to see that it is official.

So what do you guys think this means for the Cats ?

Are they looking to draft an all-in-one kicker ?
Are Flemings days numbered? or will they teach him how to kick field goals ?

i think it mean that although potential is great after 4 years its time to shit or get off the pot. boreham was asked to get off the pot.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Pat Fleming gone in the next few weeks. I could see a deal to either Saskatchewan, again (possibly for Congi), or to BC for Pikula. Perhaps Marcel is looking at an import, and waiting for the NFL Draft before he signs him. Which would most likely leave Fleming expendable anyway.


Marcel has already signed a couple kickers.

But what do we get in this deal for Borehamgirl?

Arer there a bunch of guys with Watermelons on their head being shipped to box EH as we speculate? Rick Mercer has a great video, including a kicking discussion, from Riderville here from last season.

I am sure this means Jamie will get a fair shot in their training camp.

Oskee wee wee - can't wait to see our training camp.

There are no kickers/punters in the draft who are capable of starting for us. Were going to go with Nick Setta IMO.

Pat Fleming I can see being dealt to Wpg or Sask perhaps, as he cant place-kick.

Marcel has stated he wants a guy who can do all 3 jobs consistently.

I believe there is a pretty good canadian kicker in the nfl thats without a team!!

"Ozziegirl" and "Ruoffgirl" are still available nicknames here... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Good pickup by the Cats. I wish Jamie all the best, just not against the Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,

odd for the riders - they traded Washington. DL that just signed with the team in January this year. they didnt think he was TOO important to bring to at least one camp...

btw the player bio at the Cats site says Washington was acquired from the Esks...

poor borehamgirl:( lol sorry hun!!

and hey im not to familliar with alvin jhonson.. did he start ne games for the riders last year?? to be honest i dont know this guy at all

i cant find anything on this guy.. not even a picture! who is he!

I take dibbs on Ruoff girl, he was my fav since the day he came from Winterpeg. Those blue eyes and curly locks

sigh :oops:

I think I am gonna like it here

Interesting that Boreham will not kick field goals in Sask. Tilman was quoted as follows: "Luca (Congi) is a fixture as our field-goal kicker, but we expect to have a strong three-man competition for the punting and kickoff positions."

re-We acquired DL ALvin Washington from Sask. in exhcnage for jamie borheam.

great deal by marcel, we actually get something in return for this guy. -- time will tell!!! marcel is good at demolition, thats for sure