Jamie Boreham.....Congrats!

Told ya's all alomg that this guy is a scrapper and a good Tiger-Cat!

Patience has certainly paid off as #30 is developing into a solid kicking machine for the Ticats.....and with solid holding by Eakin, and great snaps, Boreham has settled into his groove quite nicely...

great kick-offs also! (averaging around 63 yards tonight)

The whole team seems to be getting behind Boreham and have helped him become an awesome kicker....Even Coach Lancaster always makes sure he gives Boreham a good slap on the helmet after a good kick.....The Coach looks like he's had confidence in Jamie all along as look who's still kicking...


Is it really necessary to make a thread everytime Boreham does anything remotely successful? Yes, he's improved, but does doing whats asked of you really deserve a thread after every game?

Making threads like this is almost a sign of NOT having confidence in your kicker. If Ticats fans were completely confident in Boreham's ability, we wouldnt have to make such a big deal of his making a few routine field goals in a game.

A little grumpy are we?.. :lol: ....as a matter of fact us Boreham supporters very rarely start "Boreham threads"......his "bashers" beat us to it most times.... :roll:

....so, we "supporters" like our revenge too ya know! :lol: :smiley:

(and yes, shameless gloating is fun) ..... :rockin:

He could make every field goal for the rest of the season... he still directly contributed to 2 if not 3 losses this year, and his early season kicking is part of the snowball effect known as 3-11.

andkon: You are right, we dont see threads when other players have good games, the real warriors like Mariuz, Gauthier, Clinton Wayne, Roger Dunbrack... do I need to continue? Ok, Tay Cody, Sam Young, Steve Josue.

These are the guys that are getting the job done week in and week out... not an up and down kicker who seems to be going through a hot streak... bottom line is that if the game is on the line i STILL dont have faith in him.

Is it necessary to BERATE fans that are simply happy and do not look at every situation as if it is a half empty glass?

Morreale "haters" had the same "I don't care how good he performs, he's still a bum" attitude until Mike shut them up once and for all....Boreham is shutting up his "haters" too....

just no pleasing some "so-called" fans eh?..

oh well, that's the way it is sadly...


At any rate, #30 seems to be having fun doing a good job out there for his team..

Morreale "haters" had the same "I don't care how good he performs, he's still a bum" attitude until Mike shut them up once and for all....Boreham is shutting up his "haters" too....
If you think by comparing Jamie to Mike because i like Morreale will change my opinion... you're wrong.

There's no comparison. Mike is a 12 year veteran that has won championships and individual awards, Jamie Boreham is a player that has lost more games than he has won with his kicking.

Well let's recap here....

With your "I don't care that Boreham has been perfect for the last umpteenth game, I still think he's a bum" attitude, we've also had, "Julian Radlein" yelled at me, Coach Reed dropped the "F-Bomb", Jason Maas was ok, but he wasn't ok over-all.......and more to come I'm sure....

Holy, moly!........was it just my imagination that we won tonight?......and still, the complaints just keep on comin'!

(please remind me periodically to never buy a football team is I strike it rich)

Nite all!....and to the Tiger-Cats.....thanks for the great night and the win!.....My son and I had fun!


See ya'll tomorrow....

going two for two and not screwing up that 98% success rate for CFL kickers on converts isn't exactly something to brag about mikey.

maybe after a full season of good kickoffs, 85%+ FG success rate and a few games where he actually pulls the team up and goes 5/5 or 6/6 from far out to win the game.

THAT will be a gloating game/season, not 2/2 from 41 and 15... FIFTEEN! sigh

2/2FG and 3/3 converts is expected. BARE MINIMUM in the CFL.

damn fanboys...

Sorry Espo..as I said above, I'm heading off to bed....it's been a long night and it's wayyy late....you guys can continue to biotch about Borehams perfect kicking of late without me....9 straight field goals at last count, perfect in the convert category and huge kick-offs...

yawnnnnn, I'm tired....nite 8)

run along mikey, no one is bashing his performance.

you'll notice that no one else is jumping up and down about Boreham doing what he should be doing.

its like congratulating a teenager for going poopey in the toilet... you shouldn't have to.

i like boreham, think he's a good kicker, but i'm not gonna pat his head and tell him he's special for doing something he's supposed to do.

Wow two for two.

He even made the one from 15 yards out.

That was awsome.

mikey wrote- and great snaps,- imo this was the problem at the begining of the season imo Bad snaps

He even made the one from 15 yards out.
Thats probably the biggest surprise of all... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ya, Boreham is a servicable kicker now. No problem in the kicking department now.

Hopefully, he will stick as our kicker and improve. Hopefully, one day a decade from now, he will look back on his rough start in the CFL and laugh saying "I almost never made it as a player".

Good thread. Boreham should be congratulated and praised. Just because something is expected of someone, doesn't mean they should be bought a bear for having a great game.

So this is his beer from the fans that matter.

He has had some rough goes, but he is a hell of an athlete. I miss the tackling Jamie even though that's dangerous for a kicker to do. I couldn't believe how hard he could hit. 'Thwap!' lol

I have loved this guy all along and hated to see him go through that rough patch because I thought he was done. Every good athlete has down times. If you are always counting on your kicker to pull out those last minute wins, is he really to blame.

Yes, I know there were a couple of games he missed a handful of field goals that could have meant the difference between not only winning and losing, but winning handily.

He's playing great now, Mass looks like he might have found his groove, our defence is a rock, and our special teams kicked ass. I think our team is gaining the confidence it needed.

re-he will look back on his rough start in the CFL and laugh saying "I almost never made it as a player". - Vanderjet??

Congrats to you Jamie.

JB has my permission to walk with 'kickers swagger.'

Lets see what Jamie does from 47yds with no time on the clock,and the game is tied up or we need the 3pts. to tie the game.