Jamie Boreham an Argo !!

punter/kicker Jamie Boreham is now an Argo
He was part of deal with Roughriders for 1st over Pick this year

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/05/argosriders-trade-official.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... icial.html[/url]

I take it that the nick "Borehamistotallydisownedgirl" is available for you, BG...

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe She'll be an Argo fan now :o

Just kidding JB

I think a petition should be started encouraging our favourite Boreham fan to consider a name change. Ozziegirl perhaps?

DeAngelSIS? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

A timely and welcome return to the scene. Look, down on the screen.... it's a bird.... it's a plane..... it's Oski-Oui-Oui!

Ty ty Mark.. LOL :wink:


Tom, that is the worst thing that anyone has ever said about me. :thdn: :smiley:


    Just goes to show that anything can happen in the CFL...even the unthinkable like this!!!!
    However... you will always be Borehamgirl to me.
    Some things never change and this is one of them. 
    Just promise us that you will keep posting. <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

Thanks a lot, Mr62. I appreciate that. I have always liked Jamie as a person and don't have anything against him now except that he plays for the enemy.

I will continue to post. Maybe I'll be HOWCOULDTHERIDERSTRADEBOREHAMgirl lol.

bg, it's quite ok to admit that you might be slightly attracted to him for reasons other than his football abilities. Honestly. Hey, I'm a straight guy and I'll say he's a handsome chap at that. And on top of that, seems like a genuinely good dude. :thup:

How about Tina Bopper. :thup: :thdn:

Catbird fits

I wonder, how long will it be until Boreham is out due to his "bad back"??