Jameze Massey signed

....Bombers inked Jameze Massey 22, 5' 9"..170 receiver/return specialist to a contract.....I watched a vid of the kid and unless they have sped-up the video...wow...this kid can fly...Good hands as well..Looking forward in seeing what he can do at tc. :thup:

Seems pretty jazzed to be playing at IGF per his twitter comment. Still gotta win a roster spot though. Could be in tough there though.

He is intriguing...

Good signing!

Sorry Papa, but has there been a signing that you weren't impressed with? :wink:
We've seen so many of these guys come & go over the years.
Washington did a great job there last year, and ofcourse JJ. Would be nice to be able to rest them though.

...Hey...I don't annoint everyone we sign as starting material ya know....(just most of them) :lol: I like the fact he'll fill the need for a returner and give Washington a run. AND I agree Jovon needs to concentrate on his defensive role...He seems to have slowed a bit in the ret. dept....Who knows this Massey kid could be another Chris Williams... without the problems CW has today. :wink:

Having both Massey and Washington could make Jovon expendable. Washington, I think will be an all star at db. I think he could have a chance to knock super out and take a starting role opposite Hef.

Hopefully Massey lives up to his potential as a returner

I’d imagine it’s difficult to be effective as a return specialist if you’re a DB whose unit is always on the field because the O can’t sustain drives. Getting the offense into shape might go a long way towards making Jovon more effective as a returner, should Burke choose to keep him in that role…

I agree with Washington. He oozes star. Looked good returning early in the year, but then hit some fumblitis and wasn't the same. Was great at DB, tried that SAM spot and looked dominant with Hefney the last game of the year, shutting down the big guys on Montreal.