James Wilder Plans To Sit Out 2018 Season

Time will tell if it`s just a negotiating ploy and if the Argos will redo his contract.

One of the things I’m curious about. Is why are NFL teams contacting players under CFL contract? Don’t these two leagues honor each other’s contracts?

that's why he need the Argos permission which they are apparently denying

I recall hearing about the Argos giving such permission a few times in the past, but that was under the old regime. I have no idea what Popp’s past history is in this regard. But if he wants his team’s contracts to be worth the paper they’re printed on, he has every right to expect players to honour them.

Also - I’d have to think Brandon Whitaker’s prospects just improved significantly.

I understand his reasoning but why did he sign the contract . If he was worth more then sign a contract with a raise based on performance for year 2 .

The 45,000 US is a low salary I totally agree with him but then why sign it .

Was he thinking he would stink last year and found out he's not as bad as he thinks ?

Not sure sitting out a season works as he can get injured at a NFL camp or try out as well . Playing next season maybe a better way to get the golden up front money to protect him in his NFL quest .

The fractured season last year is no reason for a NFL prospective to give him anything guaranteed . There are many one hit wonders out there floating around especially RB's .

Football is such a short career and the CFL is not for people wanting to retire after a career and sit on your salary like other pro leagues . He just hurt his own prospects
by acknowledging he is not in the league with the correct mind set . You have to have the frame of mind your career can be over in a flash and you need to settle your mind on that fact to survive .

Well the last known case with Popp was Duron Carter. Popp made him play out his second year.

Well if he's generated genuine interest, he probably has. He's weighing the risk of playing another year and the slightest injury killing any chance he has. Sitting out is the intelligent thing if he has serious NFL interest and not a PR spot with no bonus.

Not sure about that many people suffer from anxiety and he is showing the risk reward is too much for him . NFL scouts sniff around constantly and the risk is overwhelming with the money you could be losing out to is always in the back of pro athletes minds .

He didn't look good until last September . Four games with over 100 yards rushing is not going to get you anything and it was the Argos getting him more involved with receiving at the same time that showed he had something to offer . The game plan was working . His size was an asset .

Don't blame him asking for a raise but how the heck does he go from guaranteeing breaking records and then asking for a release to pursue NFL offers .

Maybe show what you can do a full season of active participation and then get that golden ticket . If you get injured that's the risk of your profession which is geared heavily to potential injury whatever football league you play in .

He may want to Chris Williams...Mr. Superstar who was going to make it huge in the NFL...er practice roster that is. How many times has CW been traded now? There are better than JW in the NFL and I hardly watch that league.


The knock on him was that he could not catch a cold. He showed with the Argos he improved that weakness in his game.

He wasn’t the even the feature back until week 13, he had a good 2nd half of the season thats it.
Popp will not cave in to this, it sets a terrible precedent.
It is the League that mandates that every first contract is a 1 year contract followed by a 2nd year at the clubs option(1+1). Popp could release him but IMHO he won’t.

He has also seemingly left out the fact he received $16K for his Grey Cup Cheque

Nice good plan! works most every-time.

James Wilder did receive/ was due $23,000, as winner of Grey Cup.


Hopefully his plan works out for him. He's getting paid peanuts if that's truly his salary.

Was told,mainly by members of the media, how good he was and it makes sense that he wants to be paid accordingly. Some members of the media have already designated him as the 2018 most outstanding/ most valuable player. Reminds me of June Jones saying that Johnny Manziel will be the best CFL QB, even before he played a game. He too wants to be paid accordingly. They must be saying: Show us the money.


Of course a contract is a contract, but at the same time how many times do we see coaches getting out of their contracts.
The old understanding nudge nudge wink wink if a coach can better himself he is let go.
Same thing for players in our league being let go to try out with the NFL.
I am not sure how this is any different.
Bottom line, negotiate with him and give a significant raise to sign a multi year deal.

Players contract not guaranteed
If a team doesn't want to honer a players contract they can release him with no compensation.
If a player wants out of his contract he can't.
Is it right that management is not bound to a contract but a player is ? NO
IMHO it should go both ways,
if you can release me with no compensation any time you want I should be able walk any time I want ?
Is it right ?

in the world of sports, it is totally right

Typically CFL clubs let stars out of their contract early only in the year their contracts expire - so that they can get a head start on Exploring NFL interest. So for most of the players its simply being free in Oct/Nov instead of waiting till Feb. It benefits both sides as if a player has to wait till Feb and is shut out of a shot at an NFL training camp invite - they wouldn't be so inclined to resign with that CFL club when their try out ends/fails.

This case is different - they guy is mid contract. Sitting out a year is going to just about kill any chance he has of making the NFL. If the NFL is his goal then get the Argos to agree to cut him after next seasons last game and to talk to NFL teams now - then play his heart out. If money is the issue then as another poster suggests - he should go to the argo's and demand a long term contract be negotiated ..... setting his price per season at what he feels he should get. Win win for both sides as if he is in the CFL long term it keeps his rights with the argos.

Teams can't make a player play anymore than a player can make a team play him.

If a player doesn't want to work under the terms of the contract he signed, he can quit, just as Wilder is considering doing.