James Wilder Jr. to sit out 2018

No doubt at all. He's already tried the negotiating through the media b.s., but I'd be surprised if he sees much playing time during the 1st season here, unless Masoli falters badly.

I'm hoping that Austin & Tillman give up trying to sign him & use the $ freed up to sign our FA imports like Dean, Tasker & Washington who, while they may be able to relate to the sentiments expressed by Wilder & Butler, have kept their mouths shut about it to the press.

Ambrosie weighs in:

I agree with Ambrosie on this, the management of the teams should stick to the rules.
Somehow, I believe that Ambrosie will fix this one way or another.

David William Naylor
Ambrosie: "I don’t want to be a league of side deals and look amateurish. We’re better than that. This is one of those topics worthy of some real healthy discussion, and I understand the pros and cons but I think we all agree we should follow the same set of rules.? #CFL
2:25 PM - Jan 26, 2018

Brandon Banks (Twitter)
I just feel like everyone should get the same amount of pay and not be determined if your Canadian or not ..???♂? each individual get what they worth no matter who you are we putting our lives on line every play !

So long as Brandon is fine getting the same $$$ as a special team guy or the 4th best receiver.
Oh, Brandon probably means everyone should get #1 receiver $$$

Of course not. Brandon wants it based on skill like the NFL. He gets paid. Rookies don't. And Canadians are based on skill alone.

I'm getting tired of his act.

Corrected the accuracy of Ambrosie's quote.

The CFL has a serious problem here. Players such as Wilder and Butler would probably not have signed contracts to play here in the first place if not for the "promise" that they would be allowed to pursue NFL interest mid-contract. In that case, CFL fans would have been denied the opportunity to enjoy these exceptional players even if only for one season. I'll gladly take a season over being robbed of the opportunity to see them play in the CFL at all.

Per Eric Tillman: "But we also take pride in the guys that come and play, excel and go back (to the NFL) and do well. You want what's best for them."

All the CFL has to do now is prove it!

Looks like it was negotiation after all. Wilder signs 2 year contract

Naylor saying it's through 2019, 100K /year plus potential for bonuses

Are they going to offer to extend hold out Victor Butler, after he publicly went off on them also?? :-\

Tough break super star. You and your agent signed a contract willingly that clearly states the monetary value and the duration. Cry me a river and carry on with your construction job.

Maybe they like what they have in Ken Bishop?

By Wilder signing for 2 years what does this say?
Wilder was full of crap and this totally was a play to try and get more money.
Why didn't he sign a 1 year deal and try his talent in the NFL if that is what he wanted to do?
Makes you go HMMMMM.

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

This gives him stability, pays him now and makes it so he doesn't have to go through any life style changes.

He may have had some NFL tryout offers, doesn't mean he'll even make a practice roster, or not get hurt in the process.

options of A: bust ass for the next 14 months waiting for the nfl for X dollars
or B: play football for 6 months for 2X dollars + (and sign on for two more years of the same in the process)

Wilder at Drake night at the Raptors game last night, Drake wanted to rep all TOR teams

"Good to see Wilder can now afford to buy gold chains and a designer watch. I was so worried about him because his last contract couldn’t feed his babies or provide shelter for them."

Who is the jockey ?? Looks like he just wandered in from Woodbine Racetrack . Wonder where he left his horse ? Whoever he is he certainly looks out of place posing with this crew . :o

I guess you do not follow soccer in Toronto

Soccer ? Isn't that the game where they allow you to bounce a ball off your head and scoring goals is frowned upon ? So you're telling me that this little shrimp plays this game in Toronto ? Gee who would've known ? Are you sure that he's not a jockey ? Because he sure looks like one . :o

It's great that you don't care about soccer. There would be a few hundred million people who would disagree. Giovinco makes more in one season than the entire Ticats roster.

if only that would have been true 50 years ago. I might have made some money.