James Wilder Jr. to sit out 2018

So there is an opportunity here… since Popp and Wilder are both entrenched in their positions, Kent Tillman should be on the blower right now trying to work out a trade.
Wilder is the real deal… big, strong, fast back with excellent balance and a very good receiver out of the backfield as well as a good and willing blocker.
Make the trade and redo Wilders contract. Would probably only cost a starter and a first or second rounder or so. Were talking about the rookie of the year award winner here. ;D

Fixed it for you.

Then if Ricky Ray retires we can trade a starting O-lineman for him as well.

Fill up our whole roster with no-shows.

Fixed it better, besides I like Alex Green

Once again ... that's "construction." He says he is working 60 hours a week in construction at the moment. As for risk of injury, I guess we would have to know more about the type of construction work he is doing. Probably safer than pro football, but certainly not risk-free.

At least Caretaker offers free breakfast options !!!! ? better training facilities!!!! Argos crying the Blues love it !!!

The best part of his diatribe is this:

I am extremely disappointed and disgusted because this organization and league preach professionalism and family values yet they refuse to practice these things.

I wonder if bad mouthing the league like that will cost him a fine, making his paycheque even lower. Players need to realize that negotiating through the press only makes them look bad.

I agree, he isn't doing himself any favours with this. A lot of his remarks seem very self-serving to me.

Some of the comments below the article are pretty interesting too: He made over $4Mill in his NFL career but can't afford his rent here? He signed a two year contract but relied on a verbal side agreement that they'd let him out if he wanted to try the NFL again? Yikes, what kind of advice was he getting from his agent?

A former NFL player who's not yet done pro ball is akin to a weekend gambler in Vegas. Both will likely be out of cash sooner than later.

And then there's guys like Adriano Belli, who played pro football in Vegas and bet his entire game cheque on black. It came up red.

Belli, McCallum and Barker all have fond memories of their time in XFL

Question for Hamilton fans: If we sign a guy like Manziel to a two-year deal and he has a great first season, does anyone believe for a second that he won't pull a stunt just like these disgruntled Argos? It would be all-out war on social media. #FreeJohnnyFootball #hostage$ZN #CFLpri$oner

Two guys that are bigger than the team and the contract they signed.

I get your point, but I'm going to make the precarious assumption that Austin wouldn't be dumb enough to trade for a player in Wilder's situation without ensuring that said player would agree to the proposed revised contract and terms. Maybe I'm assuming too much.

Wrong. Players are covered for 1 year from the date of their injury.

I certainly didn't hear any bellyaching from players during the 2013 season where they had to take buses from 1 Jarvis to Mac, 1 Jarvis to-and-from Guelph, etc...

Unfortunately, the current Argo administration is not bound by verbal assurances made to these players by the previous Argo administration but not written into their contracts. Whereas Jim Barker, for example, released certain players mid-contract to allow them to pursue NFL interest (something, I understand, that was frowned-upon by other CFL GMs), Jim Popp is not so inclined.

Contract Law 101: Do not rely on verbal assurances or assumptions when signing legally-binding contracts. Get it in writing or don't sign.

Whine to the CFL coaches and Football Writers of Canada who selected Wilder as the winner of the Rookie of The Year award.
Maybe Popp would accept Leonard as part of a trade package for Wilder. After all, Hamilton would be getting the real deal and Popp would be getting the pretender. ;D

Maybe Popp would accept Leonard as part of a trade package for Wilder. After all, Hamilton would be getting the real deal and Popp would be getting the pretender. http://forums.cfl.ca/Smileys/default/grin.gif
When 1 hand just isn't enough for a facepalm! 8)



A great boss from my working days said" if it's not on paper it's not." Words to live by.