James Wilder Jr. to sit out 2018

No, of course not, that's not what I suggested at all. Since he wants to sit out 2018, I suggested he retire. He appears to prefer to stay home rather than play football this season. Personally, I doubt that is the best choice for his career development. I would have thought playing hard and showing that his part season success in 2017 in Toronto wasn't a fluke would be a better idea than walking out mid contract and getting suspended. But it's his choice of course, between him, his agent, and his family.

he'll be a FA by then

The contract explains the penalty if player or team defaults. Wilder is willing to take the penalty. It’s like a marriage contract. No one is going to force you to stay married.

Very true. How one's reputation is affected by one's conduct in the divorce is another question.

Exactly and thatz my point. Once someone’s mindset is made and he/she wants to explore the more lucrative option, might as well let it happen. So the Argos should just tell him, go check it out if you’d like but come back if it doesnt pan out!

Now it would look really bad if Marc Trestman jumped ship to be the Seahawks' OC.

Statement from Arblows

Still seems short-sighted by the argos here. I'd almost like to see the Cats adopt a college basketball style approach assuming a "one and done" scenario.

Trying to pull big college stars, get them exposure, show them WINNING here, market ourselves as THE stepping stone to the NFL again. Hopefully, find a few core guys that love it here and want to stay along the way.

Maybe Tolliver can catch on in the XFL since hes no longer here.

Man..you need to find something to do...although you find your posts amusing I’ll bet nobody else does. Some would call this behaviour as being a troll.
How about trying to be engaging instead of a dork...not very endearing.

I don't understand his logic in this decision, as presented by Wilder. As I don't know what Wilder does for a living, I can only assume it must pay more than more than $45,000 USD plus whatever play-off bonuses the league provides, in order for Wilder to feel comfortable in "supporting his family" (a noble sentiment for any professional athlete by the way). On top of that, he will have to arrange, and possibly pay for, some sort of training program and facility to stay in shape for a 2019 NFL try-out. Then, he has to get an invitation to at least an evaluation camp, get invited to an NFL training camp, and then make the team.

Or, he can report to the Argos, get the training and medical coverage as part of his contract, get valuable playing time and coaching, get paid the $45,000 USD (and possibly bonuses) for roughly 6 months work, and then be free to explore his NFL options. Plus, he can work at his occupation the 6 months that he is not playing football.

IMO, he either has an NFL offer now and is trying to break his CFL contract, or he is trying to squeeze the Argos for a raise.

Or he could just be a bit delusional, completely overestimating his prospects in the NFL. Ego can be a very powerful force.

And most professional athletes come well equipped with egos......

Definitely. And it is one of those qualities that is essential in some measure for a football player, but potentially counter-productive in over-abundance. Like aggression, swagger, risk-taking, self-confidence and greed.

I think he is underestimating Jim Popp in this.
If he thinks he is going to make Jim Popp succumb to his ultimatum of pay me or release me or else I'm going home,
He is very sadly mistaken.

I agree.

So now Arblows Victor Butler is doing the same thing. 8)


The SS Arblows ship is sinking


And, I believe, as others have posted, that he may have an inflated perception as to the body of work he has put forward.. September 30 in a game against the Cats, and shortly after he sort of "broke out" with a few good performances, he went 13 carries for 49 yards and 3 catches for 32. Kinda average.

Certainly the TSN hype would have added to his perception. And, who knows, maybe this was just the break he needed?

And maybe this is only a ploy to get a raise for next season. Not much leverage otherwise.