James Wilder Jr. to sit out 2018

According to TSN and 3rd Down Nation, Wilder will be sitting out 2018 to prepare more fully for the NFL. He feels his compensation in Toronto doesn't reflect his value to the team. The Argo's haven't given NFL teams permission to talk to him as he is under contract. Yet other teams have allowed this with other players. Inconsistent policy applied across the league.

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Contract is a contract. I get it that he had a good season and has NFL interest but guess what?
You signed a 2 year CFL deal to increase your value to NFL teams when there was no NFL interest.
Sit if you like, true it might be better financially in case you suffer a CFL injury. Real football players play though...

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Fixed it for YOU

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Wilder forgot to mention the $23,000 in bonus money for winning the GC.
He didn't mention that Popp is willing to re-negotiate his contract upwards, but for a longer commitment from Wilder.
He's working 60-hour weeks doing construction (a somewhat dangerous job, ie: he could DIE on a job site) that, combined with training, means he has even less time with his wife and 4 children.
The blew team should suspend him instead of releasing him...

Must be more fun working 60 hour weeks doing construction than playing football and winning Grey Cups.

I agree. However, in this comment, the writer's final point is a good one. And, that point is about someone who didn't face the injury concern:

Can’t blame someone for trying to better his financials and provide for his family! If no one in ARGO-land thinks he can crack an NFL lineup, give him permission to try! He should be back, right! And when he does, he will probably come back with a better attitude than one if he is forced to stay and play! Other teams let players try, Toronto should too. What’s the big deal? Precedent? Others will try? So what!

There's a right way to do what he's trying to do. Retire.

i doubt that loophole would work, and an NFL team wouldnt be able to sign him.

Wilder is not good enough to play in the NFL. He may get an invite to camp, or catch on with a practice squad, but no team is going to use him as a feature back.

He should just play out his current Argo contract, and try to light it up in 2018, then cash in via CFL free agency.

Wilder is well within the terms of his contract if he chooses to not play and by doing so he also chooses to NOT get paid. It’s how contracts work. Whether we like it or not is irrelevant, this is between him and Argos and the framework of their contract. No harm no foul here.

Hopefully this situation forces the league to finally address these piddly little contracts and establish a better minimum - say $100K for a contract.

that wouldn't get around still having a CFL contract in the NFL's eyes.

The Argos on the other hand would be smart to let him chase that interest. Easiest way to keep getting those big name FAs and college players signed.

"hey look, you'd be playing in the biggest market in the country, getting prime exposure and if there happens to be NFL interest, we're very amenable to that. All we ask is if you don't make the cut, you come back here as a returning star."

Maybe you sign for a few hundred, or a few thousand less than market value to chase that exposure.

No he isn't within the terms of his contract. His contract obliges him to report for work, to practice and, if called upon, to play. It doesn't say "we'll pay you if you happen to feel like showing up sometime." The Argos would be within their rights to suspend him for failure to live up to his part of the bargain.

As for retirement, it isn't a loophole. He still wouldn't be able to play in the NFL in 2018 I believe, he'd still have to wait till 2019. But at least he wouldn't be a shirker, a contract-breaker, a guy who isn't willing to make sacrifices to further his development as a player.

He says he's worried about injury. OK, fair enough. A year-long hiatus isn't likely to do much for his prospects of catching on in the NFL. And what does he think will happen to his career if he gets injured while at an NFL tryout?

He's a good player. I don't argue with that, or his Rookie of the Year award. It's his choice, he can do what he likes. But I'm not favourably impressed.


But really, isn’t the CFL not just a training ground or an overflow for NFL? Yeah so why not let someone venture doqn south to try! Argos are being idiots for holding him back and forcing his hand.

Expected to start 2020.......

So it’s best if he shows up to training camp, gets moody and then voluntarily picks up a clip-board for the entire season???????? Would that do it for you Steveh ???? Real bloody waste of everyone’s time I would say!

Apparently the league has a startup date of 2020.

Which means he can sign on in the XFL if he chooses too I guess ? As long as he doesn't mind busting his hump for two years as a construction worker instead of playing football instead .