James Rogers

The Als look to have hit the jack pot with Rogers as the Hybrid/ returner they have been looking for. His admitted frustration of spending two season on NFL practice roster and not playing in games may have found himself a home in the CFL.

I've been hard on Popp, you have to give him credit when he gets it right. Rogers looks to be a keeper. If we can keep him under contract, it likely means the end of Larry Taylor in Montreal, and rightly so.

Taylor who?!

Knapton, Paxston, Sutton, Stafford, Brikowsky and Webb are going to be a players IMO.

A bit of a reach, wouldn't you say? Knapton is the only one who's shown promise consistently. Sutton has been a mixed bag. Paxton was a one-game wonder. Stafford, Brikowski, and Webb are complete unknowns.

Pour ma part, je ne fonderai pas beaucoup d'espoirs en Webb. Ce gars a passé 2 saisons avec l'équipe de pratique ou l'équipe régulière, et il n'est toujours pas capable de se retourner lorsqu'une passe est lancée au receveur qu'il couvre. Webb nous a coûté une victoire contre Winnipeg à cause ce ça, mais c'est quelque chose qu'il a fait à au moins 3 reprises dans la même partie.

Pour revenir à Rodgers, je vais attendre un peu avant de m'enticher. J'ai encore frais à la mémoire les souvenirs de Noel Devine et Tyron Carrier. Ce que j'aime de lui sur les retours de bottés, c'est qu'il essaye de gagner du terrain en courant en avant, pas sur les côtés. Il a de meilleures mains que les retourneurs que nous avons vus à l'oeuvre l'an dernier et il semble avoir un meilleur instinct pour exploiter les très rares ouvertures qu'il peut y avoir lorsque les Alouettes reçoivent les bottés. Cependant, son relâchement dimanche dernier a coûté une interception à Crompton et un touché aux Alouettes. S'il avait plutôt sauté et tenté d'attrapper le ballon avec ses deux mains, il le l'aurait probablement pas repoussé jusqu'à Murray. Enfin, on ne trouve pas un Ben Cahoon à toutes les générations.

Its an opinion.

Sutton a mixed bag ? He's averaged six yards a carry and ZERO fumbles in a 100 touches. He's outplayed Whitaker who's coughed up the ball in the last two games with costly consequences. (14 points)

Knapton was a find that slipped through the cracks not even a NFL rookie mini after big career at Wyoming. BBs had him at a tryout I think but eventually got shots with both UFL that went under and an AFL club that went under playing in an alphabet league indoors over the winter.
Paxon is an older NFL guy.
Sutton I have to say played great last season and now fresh back from injury only to get better. Dual RB sets, he can catch, as well as return Kick Offs.
Jury still out on the other 3 but not unusual

Brikowsky is 24 and started playing ball late , Stafford just turned 23 and admitted he had some maturity issues and Webb turned 22 last month and is learning to play one of the most difficult position in Canadian Ball. So this notion that Popp only brings retreads and has stopped bringing talent I think is unfair. SJ and London were brought along slowly so was Taylor and many others. When you look at Webb a 22 year old DB who is 6,2" and over 200 pounds, there is lots of potential there.

Espérons-le. Mais je trouve que Chris Smith a plus d'instinct que Webb.

If we are truly lucky, another Vernon Perry.

Thanks for bringing back memories,GHT, Vernon Perry, what a terrific defensive stud he was!!!

First Als CB I can remember was Merle Code (1970). Was going to games at the Autostade with my folks. I like Merle but there was a fan who sat nearby who REALLY disliked Merle. I can still hear the beginnings of his statements of anguish - "Ohhhh dat Merle Code, he ..." in a heavy, heavy Jamaican accent.

I'm sure every fan thinks his team's prospects will be great players. Like I said, Knapton looks like a find, but the others are all huge unknowns regardless of age, size, and upside. We heard the same things about Noel Devine and Tyrone Carrier and where are they now? Brandon London was once going to be the breakout receiver of this team. Now he's lucky if he makes one catch per game. And Sutton has put the ball on the ground himself too this season, unless I'm mistaken. So let's not get carried away thinking that we'll have a crop of stars next year.

Just pointing out there are a lot of good young prospects that were brought in addition to reclaiming projects. They won't all be stars but many look like they can make a career.

The thing is that Popp was get a rapp about just signing retreads but he has brought in his good share of young new players as well. Finding a returner/ hybrid is an ongoing process at times with every team. Devine and Carrier did not cut it but Rogers seems to be a keeper.
A lot has to do with the will of a player. Rogers was hating the PR for two years and wanted to play and play he has.
Knapton also had a big chip on his shoulder after being completely shunned by the NFL. He took a bit over a year and worked hard and got himself more film in an indoor league and jumped on his chance.
Hard to evaluate the receivers with the carosel of HC, OCs, and QBs.
Again getting Garcia was part of the process of finding the right coaches.

That's true, but we are still missing a quality defensive tackle and depth at wide receiver. Playing 36-year-old Chad Johnson isn't helping us find someone to step in when (not if) Duron Carter tries his luck in the NFL. Stafford might be that guy, but he hasn't shown anything special, and besides him, our receiving corps consists of Deslauriers, Stala, and Bowling. That's pitiful, even accounting for Gilyard being on the LTIR.

And the DT problem has been ongoing for years now. You yourself have noted that our defensive recruiting went down substantially after Chris Jones left and I can't see that it's gotten better.

The DT has definitely been elusive. We made an offer to Ted Laurent and he chose Hamilton ! The receiver position we lost Mardy Gilliard... He was the guy. The upcoming draft will likely allow us to address that. Some really good DT and OT.

Good point Trestman did the job with the offense but as coaches like Jones left until post Trestman before a good DC came in. Special Teams as well was an issue which is being addressed right now again post Trestman. Really the lack of developin Canadian receivers was just not part of Trestman's system with the focus on ensuring that the 4 import receiver slots were always strong. Now having Deslaures as the failing Canadian receiver has left a hole.
Still thjough these are being addresed which is good.

Our special teams haven't been great since Don Matthews left. Don demanded that a player give everything on special teams to even make the team and get playing time on offense or defense. It was priority one.