James Patrick rumored to be released

Patrick tweeted today that the Riders released him. No official word yet but i was surprised that he got the job over Butler who was an all star safety in his rookie season and played great when in on defense last year and was awesome on the great coverage Units. Often over looked are the Non imports and how good they play Safety. They know the canadian game with the extra receiver and can become all stars very quickly as Butler proved.

HUGE fan of Patrick's, but he just doesn't seem to fit the game plan anymore...which really sucks, because he is fully capable of being a game changer! A cut would probably be good for HIS career though.

Patrick served us really well. I wish this guy well.

I can only hope that step two of this is extended Butler's contract. I think he's entering his option and it would be great to sure Patrick's dollars to extend a good Cdn out 2-3 more years? Signing Butler to an extension is as important as the remaining non-import FA's (Huckluck, Shomari and Sisco).

I wonder if he is released if Montreal will sign him also ???

It was pretty much well known that Butler was not happy last year with his role and being removed from the starting line up after being a all star his rookie year. The Riders would be smart to extend and keep him happy. Having an all star Caliber Canadian Safety is someone that you keep happy and around for a while. Butler is that guy.

well...it is official.
I Wish Patrick all the best!


The Saskatchewan Roughriders made a number of roster moves on Tuesday, re-signing DL Tearrius George and releasing S James Patrick, K Sandro DeAngelis, and receiver Clay Cooke.

In releasing DeAngelis will this mean that they are going to allow Milo and his big leg to concentrate on place Kicking. With the addition of import Ricky Shmidt to do the punting duties for the playoffs he looked very very impressive Milo who is also a great punter but allowing him to do only the place kicking duties while he is young may benefit him and the Riders for the short and long run.

Sandro was good on about 74% of FG's. Not good enough. That is why he's gone.

I would expect another signing of punter kicker? Milo comes back for year 3 and hopefully he's working on things, strenght, flexibility, etc. I hope he can do both jobs? But the recent trend is to have two guys do the job?

How valuable is Paul MaCallum right now doing both duties and doing it well!!!!!!!!!!!! One roster spot, non-import to boot.

I always felt Patrick was overrated, however I hope that he catch on somewhere.

Im not sure that maCallum is doing both duties well. Place kicking yes. Punting not so much a few too many shanks for the liking of some BC fans or so I have read in some threads. Not sure if true or untrue.
As for Milo he was given the chance to do both last season and he struggled. In the long run it is always harder to find a place kicker than punter. As mentioned it is only his 3rd year and he has a great future. Allowing him to work and just worry about place kicking especially early on or for the entire season. Giving a designated Import spot up for a good punter in Ricky Shmidt may be well worth it as he was just awesome in the playoffs. Option could be to obtain Burke Dales the top just punting Canadian.
Whichever way they go the Argos did the smart thing last year. There were no Top Canadian place kicker available so it was well worth bringing in Swayze waters who can hit from beyond 40 consistantly and confident from 50. He did both duties when needed but when Prefon came back he was still a great punter so using a NI spot was well worth it.
If Milo can not do the job as Place Kicker the best available place Kicker import or non import would be the way to go and Milo back to punting where he is already a great punter.

Special teams kicking game is just too important to cut corners there. The quality and quantity of the non import players is much better now than ever before so teams can afford to use two kickers import, non import or a combo of the two. Canadian players are now beginning to earn starting spots at what were once considered " Import " positions. RT considered a traditional import job is currently held By NI Nuefeld. The NI receivers around the CFL are all better as #2 and/or #3 rec. RBs either starters or back ups. Also beginning to see more starting calibre MLB also.

I just can’t remember , but wasn’t that Patrick with blown coverage way out of position when Tate threw the ball 30yds. to the Stamp receiver in the semi-final against Calgary with less than a minute to play in the remainder of the game that gave Stampeders the win ?
Correct me if I am wrong.

You would be correct as safety that would be his responsibility on such a play.
Chamblain just chose to go with a more experienced football player to start at safety regardless that Butler was an all star his rookie year. Mistake was made and it is being corrected in 2013. It probably cold have been corrected in the final 1/3 of the season but did not.