James Patrick and Stephen Jyles released from their teams

It has been Tweeted by a number of people that Patrick has been released by the Riders and Jyles released by the Eskimos.

....No surprise Jyles was released....He never measured up to expectations on any of the clubs he was signed by....Maybe the Als. will have a look at him ... 2 projects in Porter and Jyles...Maybe one will work out... :roll:

so in other words, the Eskimos traded a Hall-of Fame QB for a kicker.... :roll: Makes that trade even worse...(if that is even possible)

Wow, sucks for James Patrick, went from top Defensive player in 2010 with what I think was 9 Interceptions to out of a job. He worked out well in Etch’s system because it generally got consisant pressure on Qb’s leaving him back to pick off forced passes. With age and Richie Hall’s conservative (Bend don’t break defense) Patrick was exposed. This along with the younger, cheaper and Canadian Craig Butler made him expendable. Won’t be long until he is picked up by another team. He’s a great talent and only 29, 30 years old.

Jyles release is not a surprise especially after last year's additional failure to move up the depth chart.

Does this open the door for Tim Tebow to arrive in Edmonton?

Not sure if your being sarcastic but if not then to answer your question no. Tebow's negotiation rights belong to the Montreal Alouettes. That along with the fact that they already have a CFL ready QB in Nichoals and 2 more big names in free agency (McPherson, Reilly) means no Tebow to CFL let alone Edmonton.

Thank you EVM. I still think this was not only the worst trade anywhere,anytime, it was so transparent that there is still a big "BS" attached to it. This kind of favouritism cheapens the leagues' image. It's not the first time and probably not the last.

Tillman went into great details about this trade being his brainchild. The trade is so "bad" that I can see why you would think it's a "house fix" but it isn't just the creation of one man.

HfxTC, is there supposed to be a comma in your last sentence between “isn’t” and “just”? That would make sense… And how do you know the fix wasn’t in ? Or maybe Eric has some cushy job waiting for him in the future somewhere in downtown TO… The whole thing still reeks !

You can't prove a negative. You are making the assertion - it is for you to prove with something other than simply thinking it was a bad deal.

It wasn't negative for the Argos, was it ? If I'm not able to say definitely that the fix was in, how come someone can definitely say it wasn't ? My opinion is that this trade was bogus. Just stating the opposite doesn't disprove my opinion. Tit for tat.....I've said it before, if this was a just, above board trade, with no fix, then Barker would happily trade Ray, to say Winnipeg, for a kicker, a backup QB and a draft pick... How many bona fide starting QBs are in the CFL? There is a shortage. So why trade the best one for nothing? Is Tillman that bad of a football mind? Why would anyone have hired him in the first place? There is something rotten in the state of Denmark !!!

...my two cents...Ray was traded before the season even started and man, it's a long season....if the trade happened at the deadline, then maybe I'd agree there was something smelly in the works, but there were a lot of variables* between the trade and hoisting the GC that could've resulted in something different...

  • one being: maybe the stampeders actually show up to play a decent final game instead of THAT poop

You're going about this the wrong way. It's okay for you to have your own opinion, but like robsawatsky said, you can't ask someone to disprove you like that. It's like if I asked you to prove me that leprechauns don't exist. You simply can't, no matter how hard you tried. If you say that the Ricky Ray trade was "fixed", then the onus is on you to prove it.

NFW or to arrive in the CFL for that matter

Well said Piggy, Rob, and R&W! :thup:

I can't prove the trade was fixed, no more than anyone can prove it wasn't. I understand assertion and onus. I am not a conspiracy nut, but isn't it wondrous that when the Argos dropped their change, all the coins stood on edge? I'm hardly going to trust the words of a man who supposedly had too many prescription drugs and couldn't keep his hands off.. well, you know! There are too many factors in this scenario. What would it take to get Ray from the Argos? Quite a bit more than was given, I suspect. We heard about the screaming and yelling that went on when the Edm. coaching staff heard what Rusty wanted to do. And we all know there has never been any collusion or fixing in the wide world of sport before. The league was playing poker and just happened to be dealt a royal flush. No worry, it's a common occurrence...The CFL got it's fairy tale ending, but may have lost some fans that refuse to believe.

P.S. Remember all those moon landing conspiracy people? The onus was on them to prove the landings were a hoax, right? Well, NASA decided to something. A laser beam can only be reflected by something man-made, so they shot at the lunar lander and got reflections.Proof. Also, a Japanese lunar satellite was launched around the moon to map terrain etc. and they took pictures of landers on the surface from a close distance.Proof. Very distinct images....The onus was on the conspiracy people to prove the ladings were a hoax, yet NASA went ahead and proved them wrong. Probably just to shut them up...

You fail to understand the concept of proving a negative - NASA proved a POSITIVE - that something happened because there is POSITIVE evidence that it happened. In any case, NASA didn't bounce lasers off targets on the moon to debunk the moon hoaxers - they had laser reflectors placed on the moon for pre-planned scientific measurement purposes. The moon hoaxers failed because their "evidence" was shown to be scientifically incorrect, full of faulty assumptions and without any real merit.

A "fix" (i.e. a conspiracy) of any significant magnitude is very hard to hide because the bigger it is the more people are involved and people tend to open their silly mouths. No one has ANY responsibility or need to prove a "fix" DIDN'T happen. You have presented nothing other than circumstantial speculation in your assertion that a "fix" DID happen, which on general principles of logic is so lacking in verisimilitude that it supports the opposite conclusion - even the moon hoaxers had things they thought were tangible evidence, although they were readily proven incorrect.

You might as well claim that every game where a Ref makes a blatant error is a fix - the argument is the same.

You fail to understand that I understand. I am being told that because I asserted there was a fix, that the onus is on me to prove it, right? OK, I'm just showing that in this situation, the accused obtained the proof that the moon landing wasn't a fix and didn't tell the conspiracy people that the onus was on them to prove the hoax, even though it was !

It's funny. Mid-Season when the Argos were struggling, nobody was talking about the Ricky Ray trade being a conspiricy. As soon as the Argos beat Montreal in the East Final, the haters came out of the wood work.