Montreal Alouettes Vice-President and General Manager Jim Popp announced today the signing of non-import player James Judges.

Le vice-président et directeur général Jim Popp a annoncé aujourd’hui la mise sous contrat du joueur canadien James Judges.

JJ is rated an number 8 [NFL RUSH] in the top Canadians who played in the NCAA the past year. he originally was a tight end but Buffalo transfered him to the position of defensive end because of his quickness and long arms-" he was a natural pass rusher". He stands at 6'5 and weighs 282. His father was a very good offensive tackle for the Als. The Als do need help on the defensive line. He was drafted in 07.

His father was a very good DEFENSIVE lineman (tackle, to be eact).

As much as I have agreed with most of the criticism directed at Popp in the past, I have always thought that he was one of the best at finding young talent in the college ranks. Hopefully, JJ can really help us.

Exactly what I was hoping Popp would do: get back to his bread and butter, bringing in talented players to challenge for key positions at training camp. Good stuff, Jim.

Six tackles in ten games in your senior year isn't what i exactly call a great or even average player. His junior year he had twenty seven tackles and three sacks. Not bad. But that shows me he is inconsistent on paper. Because in 2005 he played in six games and only managed to get five tackles. In my opinion we should be going after prospects that can strengthen the roster. Not sold