James Johnson's "touchdown"

I’m not sure if anyone had already made a fourm on this but i couldnt find one, not that it matters much now… Late in the second quarter Dinwiddie was intercepted for a TD by James Johnson. I was at the game and i couldnt tell if it was a catch or not because it happened so fast, but i recorded the game with pvr. Today i came across an article in the toronto sun that made me look at that play. The guy who wrote the article said that it was no catch when he slowed it down and watched it again. I saw the exact same thing when i watched it from the reverse angle.

Why in such a huge game didnt the people from up in the replay booth get the ref to review the call? It was within the last 3 minutes of the half, which im almost positive the league can review the play. Who knows what happens if they over turn the call? Its a whole new game! Take away those 7 points and Winnipeg is the 2007 grey cup champs. Not that i care, it just makes me mad that we beg for instant replay and no one uses the thing properly.

even still...its hard to believe that no one from the winnipeg pressbox was taking a look at that play again and didnt notify the bench to challenge the play...did winnipeg have any challenges left is the question

I tried replaying it from the Youtube sight but it still looked good to me.

But if we want to split hairs, I thought Winnipeg’s touchdown by Armstrong or Edwards wasn’t going to count because the receiver to the right of Dinwiddie was off side. I thought he was in motion and in line with the Sask defenders when the ball was snapped.

Of course they did, Berry really should be fired after that game, he was brutal. The only time he threw the flag was to review a play that was already reviewed and he knew he was going to cost his team 15 yards.

Hmmmm? Perhaps we should not present the GC after the game.
We could wait until you or someone else has had the time to review EVERY play.

I call bullcr@p you got proof? Post a link. Got no link? Then I'd suggest you're just looking to start another argument.

Had the game on PVR and decided to go back and take a look at the play after reading this thread. The first replay clearly shows the ball on the ground underneath him and if it had been reviewed I think the touchdown would not have counted, he didnt catch the ball. The replay clearly showed it. Someone screwed up on the bombers major.

The replay booth only calls down in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half and overtime.
Before that it's the coach's responsibility.

He is in his own forum....How exactly is he looking to start an argument?????????

Im not sure what the would be but it only cost him 5. Half the distance from the 10

He also challenged the Dinwiddie fumble/forward pass

Here is s still shot taken as he rolls over, the ball was loose and clearly on the ground in this picture and the replay shows it clearly. I think the bombers should have challenged it.