James Johnson traded to Winnipeg

Just read this on the leaderpost rider rumblings blog:

By Rob Vanstone 02-15-2009 COMMENTS(0) Rider Rumblings
"Some people in Winnipeg might not be happy to see James Johnson, given the events of the 2007 Grey Cup, but he is now a Blue Bomber.

The Roughriders have traded Johnson, a veteran cornerback, to the Blue Bombers for a future late-round draft pick. The Riders did not view Johnson as a starter and, as such, were reluctant to pay him a $10,000 bonus he was due Sunday. This trade also clears Johnson's salary (about $80,000) off the books. Could this help the Riders re-sign some free agents?

Johnson was the Bombers' nemesis in the 2007 Grey Cup, when he intercepted three passes — returning one for a touchdown, and extinguishing a last-minute Winnipeg drive with his final pickoff."

Hopefully this means the riders are clearing cap room so they can sign Llyod and some other free agents.

i like the move especially we were using him as a kick returner not at db late last year.
Now lets make a serious pitch to our FA's


I don't care for this deal. It leaves us with Tad Kornegay as our starter heading to camp., and while he played reasonably well at the end of last year, I am not convinced he is the answer. Vanstone says the Riders didn't view JJ as a stater---well bring him to camp and let him compete. If somebody takes his job, then cut him. Trading a guy who has been an all-star, and getting a bag of old socks for him really isn't much. Competition in TC is worth more.
As for saving 80000---actually, the average salary in the CFL is around 85,000, and starters obviously average beyond that. So JJ was relatively cheap at 80. And unless Kornegay is playing for free, we might be saving 5,000 or so....

I view Kornegay as our #6. James Patrick will likely start in Johnson's spot. And he's at worst equal to JJ.

Some here were pegging him as a safety - that's typically a NI spot, and I suspect we'll see Sebastian Clovis or Leron Mitchell there. Without Patrick's progression last year, I would agree with Arius, but of the two, they went a little younger and a little cheaper with really no drop in quality.

You may be correct about Patrick--except Kornegay started ahead of him last year down the stretch--not sure why..... And there is a good possibility we will look at starting an import at safety this year. I've been thinking Eddie Davis might make a decent safety --plus that could extend his career a couple of years.

I have never been sold on Johnson. I think he is a liability out there right now. I think in 3 years he could be one of the best, but right now he just doesn't have the football training and discipline that makes someone a shut down corner. He has all the athletic tools, just lacks the training right now.
I was never sold on Kornegay either, but he suprised me at the end of the year. I thought he played very well for us, and can be better in the future.
All that being said I am not huge on this trade as we really didn't receive anything. If this does allow us to make the deal with Mo, then maybe.

He was my favorite player on our team. Because of that, I do not liek this deal lol.

Same here, I really like JJ. He's a ball hawk. Hopefully he doesn't intercept Durant this season. lol

What I don't like about it is, I get he was in the doghouse last year--too much of a riverboat gambler. But that can be fixed. But bring him to camp and let him compete for the job. If Patrick, Heard or Kornegay beat him out in an open competition great. Cut him. But to release/trade a guy with as much upside as he has seems a little over the top. And for what we got in the trade, we pretty much did just release him.... for a 6th round draft pick 3 years from now (or whatever it was), let him come to camp and win or lose the job then.

Two thoughts - one, doing that costs you $10,000, and a tc spot. Bringing in another DB to challenge costs zero until they make the team.

Two, if he is a longshot to be in your plans, are you being fair to the kid by keeping him all through camp and then possibly ditching him during/after pre-season, making it the hardest time possible for him to catch on elsewhere. Here, at least he's got a whole camp to earn a spot, even if it's not for you.

If I thought they did it out of fairness to JJ, maybe. I know ET likes to put that “fair” spin on these deals. But first, 80 grand a year is actually cheap for a starting corner, so even with the 10 grand bonus, we are in good shape capwise. But it is a little contradictory to say, “we did it for your best interest son. By the way, forget about that 10 grand we were about to pay you”. Yes it is a TC spot. There will be several DBs who we don’t really think will start, and will be cut placing them at a disadvantage. Shouldn’t we be fair to them as well? Or maybe bringing in a guy and letting him redeem himself is a fair thing? I think he is a far better corner than Kornegay, so really, we should let him go and find a “fair” job elsewhere. I’m all for fairness to the players–we rarely see it though–but sometimes what is best for the team and what is best for the player are not the same. Bring him to camp. Have an open competition which will be BETTER because he is there, and pick the best player. The better the competition in camp, the better for the team, and really the player as well. At least the guy who wins the job.

To a point,you are right though. If we simply do not want him here, so goodnight Gracy! I guess I really am baffled how they arrived at that decision.

JJ is/was overrated. How many times did he get beat and look stupid. Even in 07 he was bad. If you think about it, Winnipeg had the right gameplan in the 07 Grey Cup by attacking him, he just had the game of his life (lucky for us). I'm glad to see him go.

Do you really think that was about attacking James Johnson or about Dinwiddie trying to get the ball into Stegall's hands the whole game?

I don't remember the Riders scheme that day, but the Stegall reason seems odd, given that he's a slot and JJ plays corner. Slots are normally covered by halfbacks, meaning ED or Frazier, and we often run a scheme where ED covers the top slot regardless of where he lines up.

...you're right Artie....one of the pics. (or non-pic some like to call it) was against Armstrong.....the late pic ...i believe was against Edwards.....in any case...we hope Johnson will turn out like the other Johnson we picked up from you guys last year...pretty darn good....He'll join the other Johnson we just picked up from the Argos for Moreno....Kelly is beating the bush to come up with a few more Johnsons so we can attract a sponsor like Johnson & Johnson...I think we're well stocked with Johnsons.... :lol:

I swear 2 of the picks were Johnson against Stegall.

Could be...I honestly don't remember. In a zone coverage, and receiver can end up against any DB. And it would make sense from Winnipeg to both throw to Stegall, and to get him in routes in a zone other than Davis'.

And you remember correctly.

Nice. I still do not like this trade too much.