James Franklin's Dilemma

Should he sign in Toronto - or not?


He'll land with the Grey Cup winner, the best coach and OC in the league and a fabulous mentor in Ray. To do this he'll have to sign before receiving offers from other CFL teams (I'm sure Sask'n, BC & Montreal, perhaps even Hamilton would love to have a crack at Franklin)


Less money in all probability - especially if Ricky Ray re-ups for a supposedly 'final' season. Trestman and Popp will go full throttle trying to talk Franklin into working under Ray - getting his share of game action but having to settle for a salary around $350k to fit Ray's $475 under the cap - put a hobo in at #3 at league minimum.

So that's Franklin's dilemma in a nutshell. He can get more money from certain teams - but in Toronto he's playing in the league's #1 TV market, closer for NFL inspection and Ray is nearing 40 regardless of how well he closed out last season.

What tips Franklin's decision. In TO he's working with the best coach/OC in the league (Trestman). In Montreal he's working with a bunch of scalded monkeys and unknown rosters/receivers/blockers, etc. Is that worth an extra $6 to $8k a month - especially if it could retard your promising career? Same with Hamilton - a bit more stable version of Montreal, especially with June Jones in the saddle.

Saskatchewan would be the most interesting - but Chris Jones is a defensive specialist with a ton of memorized football salutations. He's not Trestman, he's not Ray. The best Jones could do is urge Franklin's agent to wait til the first day of real free agency - and compare his first couple offers with the Argo's current offer. If nothing else, perhaps someone offers Franklin crazy Greek coin and force the Argos to up their offer - at least inflicting a bit of punishment on the Argo's roster cap!

So much depends on what Ricky Ray’s decision is. Personally, I think Ray will retire and then Franklin now has his starter spot with an excellent coach and GM and GM combo and the Argos seem to be in stable hands now.

If Ray stays on, then Franklin’s goals could rise to the surface and he looks for a starting role elsewhere. I think Hamilton and Saskatchewan could interest Franklin if he doesn’t stay in TO. Can’t see him wanting to fit in elsewhere. Montreal is a bit of a wild card because big $ could be there for Franklin once they dump Durant, and the Als have a history of throwing money at a problem. From Franklin’s point of view, the Als may have hit what could be considered rock bottom and now there’s nowhere to go but up. If an agent or someone he listens to is pumping his head full of stuff - he could even consider himself the Als next saviour. To be fair, I don’t know enough about Franklin and/or if he has that kind of ego.

Regardless, Franklin is in a good spot. Staying in Edmonton would have placed a huge question mark over him for 2018, and now he has all his options in front of him with some potential for a larger paycheque than perhaps he even expected from any team. Even if RR retires, I still think it could come down to which team is desperate enough to throw a bunch of money at him. In other words, Franklins FA negotiating position has greatly improved with his trade.

Personally, I think he is going to wait out to see how real the NFL offers are.

Does he stick in Toronto "hoping" this is Ray's last season? I question that. He knows if Ray comes back it could easily be for 2 or 3 more seasons....I will be somewhat surprised if Ray is not back for at least this season. I also don't see him making 350k if Ray is back w/o a heavy trim.

As for going to the Riders...I have said for some time I think people are putting way too much into the Franklin/Jones connection and I've questioned if he likes that offensive system.

Hamilton...We will see what happens soon enough as I imagine there is a hefty bonus due there in early January.

Collaros is due 250k Feb. 1.

Manziel was just cleared of his domestic altercation. He will be the next guy in Hamilton. Collaros will never see that quarter million dollars.

Franklin will be signing for Way!!! more than $350K on whichever teams he will decide upon whether in the CFL or the NFL.
He is the star of the off season CFL free agents and has waited patiently for this opportunity.
There is absolutely zero reason for him to rush into a low $$$ signing,
It is finally his turn to cash in and he will cash in!

He's a quality prospect, but very little playing time. Remember when your team broke the bank for Casey Printers?

You just had to remind me! :-[

Lyle B. Style
" He'll land with the Grey Cup winner, the best coach and OC in the league and a fabulous mentor in Ray. "
" As for going to the Riders... I've questioned if he likes that offensive system "

Well Said Gentlemen

Now if they only get the gangsta out of him - he might be able to fit into the CFL. Maybe there's a Gangsta Be Gone centre or workshop he could attend.

I still have my doubts about what's going on in between this guys ears. Not trying to be negative towards TiCats, only seeing red flags with the fitment of Manziel into ANY team within the CFL. Square peg, round hole kinda thing.

Franklin definitely is now driving the bus.

Or he can be the QB of a new team in Kelowna :slight_smile:

Good one!

There are no guarantees, similarly the contract are also not guaranteed.
Therefore I would roll the dice with him as from what I have seen he is a franchise player.
My Argos should do whatever it takes to sign him to a multi year deal.

I agree. The Argos would be crazy to not invest longterm in Franklin.

When the Riders picked up VA I figured the chase on Franklin was all but over....unless he was immediately flipped to the Esks. Also...talking to someone more familiar (take that how / for whom one wishes....but they are in the loop) Franklin is not a Macadoo fan and while there is gratitude to Jones they are not tight. One must remember that Jones also cut Franklin and only brought him back because Reilly got hurt. He ended up crawling up the depth chart and displaced Nichols. That said...I have heard that Jones felt a bit bitten by this, which is apparently a factor in keeping a 4th QB around now.

No Franklin will sign in Halifax with the snoozers!! Well they registered the name. Almost there.
Gee's another!!!!

Dude - we were talking about Manziel.

Yes Franklin would help the argos but maybe they are holding out for next year when the eskies trade Rielly to them for a 7th round draft pick.

with saskatchewan extending bridge for another year and Glenn also under contract for next year ... Can't see them carrying 3 starting qb's under contract, Toronto looking more like his landing spot