James Franklin

Has he done enough to claim the starting QB spot?

Franklin seems like the second coming of Rakeem Cato. Nichols just wasn't getting it done, the Esks have little choice but to play Franklin. There's a chance they could still start Nichols next game (out of respect for his seniority on the team) to give him the opportunity to prove he should be the starter...but with a quick hook if he doesn't produce in the 1st Q.

What has Nichols done over his career to warrant additional opportunities? Looks to me like the league needs some new blood at the QB and RB positions in particular. I also don't see any big time kick returners like in years past.

His TD to Completion ratio is 60 percent :lol:

If you are able to watch tonight's Tiger-cats/Roughriders game, look for Hamilton's Brandon Banks on kick/punt returns.
He's my pick for league MOP if opposing teams actually kick to him.

Agree with this, it’s a little different coming off the bench during a game then being a starter. If the other team knows your the starter they can prepare for you. Some QB’s do much better coming off the bench Maas was one of them and Jarious Jackson on the Lions was another

Nichols body language reminded me a lot of Cleo Lemon's last game in Toronto. Difference being, his team was ahead, and the man that replaced him was having success.

The rest of the team were happy, smiling and joking on the sidelines as victory was theirs, but Nichols looked steamed that he was pulled. I predict his days are numbered.

He won't be happy about it but will finish the season in Edmonton. Reilly is out at least until Labour day and it could be longer and Nichols is in the last season of his contract. Probably will see him in Ottawa next season.

I don't know who we should start against Sask on Friday. I'm pretty neutral on Nichols or Franklin starting. I would say (since we're 3-1) that we should start Nichols for the first half and see if we need to make adjustments at halftime. If he can't lead us to two TD drives before halftime and perhaps a field goal or two, perhaps the switch needs to be made. In essence, the magic number in my mind is that the Esks need to have 17-20 points by halftime (not defensive points either).

Another thought is to maybe start Franklin against a TERRIBLE Rider defense and let him potentially get his confidence up with his first start, and heres hoping he shreds them and gets a game under his belt before he starts playing real defenses.

My feelings exactly.... Nichols looked pissed that he got the hook, poor conditions or. It he didn't make a case for himself and the young up and comer Franklin did!! Look for Nichols or Tats to be in Ottawa next year!!

Franklin definitely needs to get another opportunity!

In all fairness to Nichols, he should still get at least the first half against the riders next weeks as was mentioned above, then if he can’t muster any offence its up to Franklin!

I agree with this. His completion percentage has been crap throughout his career. His career TD-INT ratio is 15-13. And before this season, he was 0-5 in his career.

He has never done enough to win the starting job. I mean, how many second chances can someone get? I say keep him as a backup.

As i said earlier, his sideline pout in a game in which his team was winning large was inexcusable. Team game, you should always be happy when you win.

Keep him for the remainder of the year he can be the backup to our backup when Reilly comes back he can hold the clipboard. He's had a long time to produce, two bad injuries may have affected his game .
The unknown factor is the relationship he has with Reilly, will Reilly flex his muscle with management to keep him here.

Why he wasn't ahead of Nicholls out if camp is beyond me.

Just as I feared, JUST in time to play the Riders, Jones figures out that Nicholls is a bum and Franklin has game.

Woot for 0-6.

Way too small a sample size. He got to come in against a defeated Bombers squad that lost their starting QB. It's also vastly different starting a game as opposed to coming in relief.

My knock on James Franklin was is inability to throw the short route outs. He threw about 2-3 passes that were well behind K-Law. (Go figure that number lines up with his 3 incompletions in the game, 5/8). He really needs to work on that this week in practice if he's the starter. He didn't make the easy play, and it was worrisome despite being up 32-3.

It was the D that really won the game yesterday and the kicking of Shaw he kept the Bombers in their own end the whole game. Start Nichols on a short leash, besides maybe some competition might make him light it up.
My beef with Nichols is he slow to react to pressure and doesn't have the foot speed to get out of the pocket and he's not really a pocket passer because he doesn't throw a good ball . So that about sums it up.

I agree with lahie's post. Did anyone else notice all the dropped balls by the receivers in the first half? Not Nichols fault. He should start the next game. Put Franklin in after halftime.