James Franklin Traded to the Argos

They are shiatting bricks in Saskatchewan today.

Actually, I don’t think so. Most in Sask never thought Franklin was in play to join the Riders. If Franklin was to be traded to or was to sign with Saskatchewan, I believe it would be more of a surprise than an expectation.

All we have to do is look at how Chris Jones handled the Darian Durant situation to realize that we trust this HC when it comes to making a big QB decision.

Jones should tell Franklin not to sign anything without running it by him first, to give us a chance to match it.

Yes, that's tampering. What's the price tag? Just pay it, unless it's prohibitive.

Shiatting bricks.... :slight_smile:

I don't know why the Argos would trade a promising young Canadian OL'man for...what? Franklin's exclusive negotiating rights until Feb.1? There's got to be more to this.

When B.C. traded Reilly to Edmonton in the months before free agency, his Eskimo signing was announced soon after (for a reported $70k salary plus $70k signing bonus and $4k per game starter bonus). If they did talk contract before the trade, Reilly didn't extract a huge deal and still had to beat out Matt Nichols. The two Esk pivots were in a "dead heat" into the start of the season until Nichols suffered his season-ending injury. The rest is history.

Reilly's trade was consummated because he wanted to be the starting QB for the Esks. He had targeted the team because he considered the Esks a premier CFL franchise. Reilly's gamble paid off as he was soon re-signed to one of the biggest contracts in the league, reported to be in excess of $500k per season.

There could be a similar dynamic happening with Franklin's trade to Toronto. What other team could virtually guarantee him the starting position? Maybe the Als and Riders but Franklin would still have to fight it out against established QB's. I believe Ricky Ray intimated he would accept a backup role with the Argos or may even retire. This opens the door for Franklin.

Add in Toronto's allure as a cosmopolitan metropolis and its close proximity to the heartland of America, makes it a no-brainer.

Did Franklin talk to the Argos before the trade was made? Perhaps we'll never know but I'll bet his signing in Toronto will be announced fairly soon. :wink:

This is the Argo way... >:(

Toronto always have to get a quality QB from another CFL team. Since 1996, they have had 3 worthy QBs: Ricky Ray, Damon Allen and Doug Flutie. All three were from other teams, and had been developed by other teams as well.

Every young QB Toronto has tried to develop themselves, or brought into the CFL since 1996, has been a useless stiff.

A few jewels from the last 20 years:

Jimmy Kemp
Michael Bishop
Mike McMahon
Cleo Lemon

And many more...

Going back to the early 80s, one of the few quality QBs they had, Conredge Holloway was also developed by another CFL team.

If Johnny's memory is accurate, the last time the Argos developed a successful QB they brought into the CFL, was Joe Theismann in 1971!

The Argos always find a way to weasel a good QB away from another team. They have won many Grey Cups with QBs developed by others.

How can they to this for nearly 5 decades and still be in business?!

Tobin Rote way back when!

Even the immortal Porky Twins (Tom Wilkinson & Don Jonas) were developed in the Continental Football League!

Wasn't it Popp and Trestman that kept telling Adrian Mcpherson that he would get in when Calvillo retired.
Don't believe them Franklin, you'll just end up backing up Ricky Rayfor 2 more seasons! 8)

We will never know, because he left the year before he would have had the opportunity.

We should not forget that Hervey in BC would be extremely interested in acquiring Franklin on February 13th

Argos developed Collaros and Trevor Harris.

I do agree that Jones and the Riders are a little worried. Despite his denials, Iconic is wrong. Many in Ridernation including their fan forum believed it was their god given right that Franklin would sign with the team in the off season and become their starting QB. Heck even Migs was on here earlier this year saying as much - Franklin to the Riders was a done deal...Edmonton would not risk losing him for nothing. What happened? Why Franklin stayed with the Esks serving as insurance for the team if Rielly went down.lol.

The Ridre will never win with the likes of Kevin Glenn as the starting QB. The other starters in the west and most in the east for that matter are better. Their defense is unlikely to make up for Glenn's flaws when the playoffs role around. Bridge is very raw and has some great athletic abilities but I have my doubts as to whether he has the discipline and football IQ to develop into a good systems Qb that doesn't rely on improvising like he currently does. I think Sask either sticks with the status quo for next season or possible signs Collaros once he is released providing some competition going into the 2018 training camp.

Yes they did, but didn't keep them around. The Argos aren't known for developing their own QB's, let alone developing and keeping them.

They couldn't keep them as they had a proven HOF QB in their stable.

RiderNation knows that December 12, 2017 won’t define the CFL QB situation for 2017. Lots of FA activity and months to go yet.

The sad thing for the league actually is that Kevin Glenn (aged 39) is still probably the 4th or 5th best QB in the league (starter or backup)

The Bridge/Glenn combo-platter may be able to get the riders to 9-9, possibly even 10-8 but that makes 3rd in west at best - and that's a trip to either Calgary or Edmonton for the west final.

8-10 or 9-9 should certify them for another eastern playoff road trib but no guarantee they'd be able to dump Ricky Ray/Trestman/Franklin to get into the cup.

The only thing Rider fans can celebrate is they've got Pie-Face Jones for another 2 years - and with the bombers pretty much standing pat, they'll probably surpass the big blue as top prairie rodents.

This was 100 percent Milanovich and while many didn't agree with him, myself included, we are forced to admit today that the Argos are probably not GC Champions this year, if Milanovich had given up on Ray, Meanwhile Harris has underperformed in Ottawa and Collaros after has shown to be as brittle as Ray if not more and Hamilton is still chasing that GC.