James Franklin Traded to the Argos

The Toronto Argonauts announced Monday that the team has acquired quarterback James Franklin and a third-round selection in the 2018 CFL Draft from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for Canadian offensive lineman Mason Woods.

Excellent, but we have to sign him before he goes FA.

So if we can get a contract done, I think that's it for Ray though he retire anyways.

12 years younger so hope it comes together. The Esks becoming our QB pipeline can continue ;D

I would assume there were some talks prior about signing. This surprises me. I expected him to go to Sask or Montreal. I would assume from this as well that Ray won't be back and packs it in.

great move...perfect timing on their behalf. I suspect his signing is just a formality.

Good trade for Toronto.

Ray can't retire until Franklin's name is on a contract...well, he can, of course, but that could leave the Argos with neither.

Perhaps he comes back as a mentor/backup role?

This is where relationships come in. Sunderland was brought into the league by Popp. Seems like a great trade for both teams. Edmonton could not pay or pay Franklin and Reilly so they turn this into a Blue Chip young OL.

I think it comes down to Toronto protecting themselves. Looks like Popp has learned from his mistakes :slight_smile:

Although we have only seen him in limited action, he could be the real deal.
I hope we can sign him.
This likely means Ricky will retire.

Dave Naylor posted that he believes there has been no contract negotiations between Franklin and the Argos.

Furthermore, Naylor asked Jim Popp if Ricky Ray was leaning toward retirement. Popp replied: "Absolutely not."

If I`m James Franklin, what reason do I have to sign with the Argos prior to free agency?

I wait until Feb. 15, there will be at least 3 teams bidding for my services, which will only up the ante. And if he chooses the Argos, they would therefore have to pay him more than if he signs prior to free agency.

That is if he doesn`t want to take a shot at the NFL first.

Ricky is a good guy. He's trying to go out on a high. Keeping him in tow as an emergency QB and OC or QB coach might also give him the income he's used to.

Even $200k as emergency backup + $150k as OC wouldn't be a bad ask (slight downgrade for cap purposes) to get both Ray & Franklin into the lineup for the 2018 season.

Given that combo platter I'd rate the Argos as favourites to repeat out of the east, generate a record of 9-9 to 12-6 (assuming Popp can find a couple key players to fill huge needs the argos have like speed WR, RB if Wilder, Jr. flees south and a monster d-lineman)

Plus it keeps Franklin out of Kavis Reed & June Jones mitts - and shifts him into the eastern conference to keep him away from Edmonton's western challenge!

Problem being...Franklin is unlikely to sign anything that does not make him a contender to start. So long as Ray is in the picture I don't see Franklin signing. It is odd...they had no pre-trade discussions and Franklin has been open that he wants a shot to start and the Argos have pointedly said, even today, if Ray comes back he is the starter.

I mean great move if they roll with him...but will they

Have to agree...unless they through him what is clear starting money. Argos have said that Ray starts if he comes back....is Franklin willing to wait another season or 2?

WHAT!! What!! We don't no where he will end up!!!!! However Edmonton really wanted to keep him but he wants to start now and that would cost $400,000 plus or NFL bound.
Edmonton went to plan B minor trade. There is know way Edmonton would trade to SASK or any west team. Especially SASK

That leaves the east option, Toronto or Montreal. Montreal the disaster team with No coaches or GM!!
Well they sort of have a GM I guess. It was TO all along. Nice coach, GM and promising team.

Only choice, but NFL will surely give him a 2 year $600,000 guaranteed deal.Plus super bonuses
for performance. Still there's a 60% RR will be back. You need 2 quality QB's today.

So much for the Argos starting their own reality show with Manziel and Kaperkneeler...?

Its early but I STILL like this trade better than the last time these 2 teams swapped QBS.

Where is Steven Jyles these days anyways? ::slight_smile:

It'll be interesting to see what RR does, the guy is a true leader and I bet he's back for another campaign.

If Ricky is not coming back, I would try to sign him to a multi year first string type deal to stay.
Why not, if for some reason it does not work just let him go since the football contracts are not guaranteed.
For what I have seen he should be a franchise player if he decides to stay in our league.