James Franklin signs

2 year deal with Argos

Any word on amount?

Interesting and an excellent signing by the Boatmen.

The QB dominos are falling fast....and Montreal is still looking.
Something tells me Ray is retiring with this announcement.

....AND the Regina fans dreams and particularly Migs, just went 'poof'....Franklin was never going anywhere else...In the final analysis Ray's move back to Edm. as a player coach (yet to be announced) was probably the clincher.

Makes sense he signs now...what options are left?
BC...where his thoughts on ...Harvey are likely not too high
...Montreal, where it could be another rough season or 2
...thats about it...he wss sitting with a lot more bargaining power a few weeks ago.

This is excellent news for us, as Franklin from what little I have seen over the years appears to be the real deal.
Agree how now it's more than likely Ray will retire.