James Franklin seeks advice from Warren Moon on where 2 sign

Funny events took place today. Where Warren Moon was talking on Seattle radio about last weeks Grey Cup. Then one of the host was talking about the Eskimos (James Franklin who he knew) all of a sudden Franklin and Moon chat live on the -air about where he should play next year.

All of a sudden a caller from a town south of Calgary calls in who is a Eskimo fan chimes in and tries to convince Franklin he should stay in Edmonton.

It went on for about 15 minutes. Where after the program CFL fans who heard about the interview started communicating with the show on their media feed.

Then later Franklin tweets out to Warren Moon seeking more advice where bunch of CFL fans found out and started to voice their opinion to where he should sign.

Quite the events for Franklin who will surely become one of the CFL's top free agent target.

Franklin is NOT a free agent, He has 1 more year remaining on his contract with EDM.

Which one of your sources told you he was? :roll:


Typically Hervey hasn't stood in the way of players with NFL opportunities. Now another team could possibly block his way but then with a year left they would end up in a Chris Williams type of backlash.

Which radio station was this on so we can all listen too???????

You know, if you cant provide links, it doesnt look favorably on you.

No matter what month it is, it's always April Fool's day. : :lol:

The guy is a complete fool, polluting and killing the front page of the main forum a little more each day.

Franklin isn't even a free agent.

Matsdad is back !

James Franklin did tweet Moon wanting to ask some questions, Moon direct messaged him back, that has been widely reported.

As for the Radio claim, if Mr. Media cant provide a link to the claim then he is just a liar.

The mods should be banning this joker for all the unsubstantiated crap he posts.

It was pretty easy to find a reference to Franklin asking for advice. All I had to do was look. It took less than ten seconds.

[url=https://twitter.com/JFrankTank1/status/803798926751072256]https://twitter.com/JFrankTank1/status/ ... 6751072256[/url]

And I don't believe in bans unless it's for something really egregious, such as harassment, or habitually violating rules. Unsubstantiated claims are not a good reason to ban somebody.

A town south of Calgary.

Lethbridge, or Okotoks .

FYI, I live in Calgary and we do not get any Seattle or US radio stations.

We do not even get Edmonton stations.

Also the towns south of Calgary only get Calgary and Okotoks stations.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Did it not occur to you someone living in this area would be familiar with the media outlets ?

Try again, you can do better.

BTW, I remember there was a message from the mods , that you were supposed to be providing links and sources.

......Let's see....the official free agency list is out and Franklin is NOT on it...He is under contract to the Esks. for 17..Like other good quarterbacks with potential currently under contract in the CFL, the nfl dream is always there...but is it realistic when you have only played a handful of games in the CFL and hardly made a mark...I think he is questioning Warren Moon about re-upping in Edmonton or moving on in fa. or if it happens by trade...He definitely would be getting more cash from another team interested in his services (Winnipeg and Sask. have expressed interest according to Lawless)...Hervey could keep Franklin for another year BUT see nothing for him when he becomes a free agent...My take is that Franklin will be moved, just when or where, is anyone's guess...For how much is the key and I know right now Winnipeg has the collateral in draft pics to spend...They will most likely outbid any other club for his services and I could see that happening for sure If Nichols doesn't re-sign...We shall see :wink:

Hervey does not need to move him.

Hervey does not need to move him. But you never know, he may have asked Franklin if he wanted out, knowing he could lose him for nothing in FA after next season, or asked him if he had a preferred destination should they decide to move him. BC did the same with Reilly as he was heading for FA, he wanted to go to Edmonton so they made a deal with the Esks to get some return before he hit FA. Franklin is under contract for a year but there's a market for him now and you can never be sure what the market looks like in a year, so the Esks could be looking at their options. All he said in the tweet was it was a personal CFL decision so he may be just even questioning whether it's worth it for him to stay in the CFL for that matter. It's all just speculative.

No one needs to do anything - including Hervey.

But Edmonton barely got by their crossover match vs. a depleted/injured Hamilton squad - and just couldn't match up against a motivated Ottawa group.

They are not that special anymore - but have a solid core.

Winnipeg and Regina are both in need of QB upgrades (especially if Durant & Nichols are asking for the sky)

However, Winnipeg has to be careful in not handing over the keys to the brinks truck - cuz even with somewhat upgraded Canadian talent they aren't that far away from being sisters of the poor Canadian-wise again! I'd certainly give Hervey the #6 pick overall (bombers natural pick) plus one of their starting hobos at linebacker or db. Whether Regina would offer Hervey their #2 or #3 pick overall (can't remember where Regina is drafting) is the key question! :cowboy:

....You don't have an asset like Franklin and let him walk for nothing...and that's exactly what will happen at the end of next year...Of course you don't have to move him...but you also put yourself in a position to receive nada...As a gm of the Esks. would you like to explain to your fan base that we refused a deal in 17' that would have netted some key assets but now we literally have nothing to show for Franklin...Hervey will move him when he sees a deal he can't refuse ... take that to the bank.. :wink:

The other clubs know he’s only under contract for next year and aren’t going to mortgage the farm for him either, so Hervey isn’t exactly holding everybody’s feet to the fire…will be an interesting game of chicken 8)

With Reilly's concussion history you may see Franklin sooner than earlier for the ESKs .

I would want to keep him if he is that good or as some say trade him if you see his weaknesses up close .

You don't give up a starter QB unless you feel he is not a starter . Reilly a good QB has a shorter shelf life due to his injuries and I believe he may have to hang them up sooner because of them . If Franklin is that good I can't see EE not try to keep him unless they see a downside that others don't see.

Well on our sirius radio we can get quite a few stations that those without, which is about 90% of population, don't have access to.

Yup, most stations in this day and age have some kind of internet stream with one service or another. It’s not at all a stretch that there was indeed a conversation on a Seattle station that is no longer available, and therefore does not have a link. Have any of the doubters actually thought to ASK Franklin or Moon?

If I'm Hervey there is no way I trade him to Chris Jones.

The tweet was on Wednesday and pretty damn sure that radio stations have links to their programs beyond 1 or 2 days.

Still, Moronic Assess has not provided a link and has been absent since his outrageous post.