James Franklin Not Dressing. Strange???

Dave Campbell: For those asking, James Franklin practiced all week. He's gone from the projected #2 QB to not even dressing. Strange.

Anybody know what is going on? Is Franklin hurt? Is he going to be traded to the Riders? Or, is this just an overreaction to something uneventful?

From what I have read about this is Franklin wishes not to extend his services beyond the end of the season with Edmonton, therefor the Eskimos have decided to move him. Talks with Sask. are in the works - St. John plus first round #1 pick is what the Eskies are asking. Riders say too much to give up, but Franklin is liked by Chris Jones. Murphy denies any talks took place at all.

Franklin has a bright future ahead of him in this league. If we could get anywhere close to that for him that would be huge for the club.

Anybody but the Riders I'd even take less.

If we could land St John and a first rounder, that'd be terrific. I honestly don't think Durant is even a Top 5 talent in the CFL in terms of starting QB's are concerned, Franklin would actually have a chance to play better than him.

Reilly 1a
Collaros 1b

In that order, when healthy are all QB's that are better then Durant.

Unless the Riders are willing to pay up huge at least a first rounder and someone who could start I would love to see us get Kevin Francis. At 6'5" he seems tailor made as a Safety or Wil Linebacker

Looks to me from the outside that because Franklin is not interested in an extension, Ed Hervey has instructed Jason Maas not to use him. I am guessing Hervey does not want to help develop Franklin for another team.

Yesterday with a huge lead against the Argos, Mike Reilly was still in there and even attempted a short yardage sneak. Eskimos were risking injury to their star QB in my opinion. Then in the next series, Jordan Lynch who is supposed to be 3rd string came in and finished the game. From what I can tell, Franklin never got onto the field.

That's an interesting observation.. I was shocked when Reilly wasn't out in the last 6 minutes, was also kind of angry for the disregard to Reilly and the rest of the season.

I get Franklin wanting to move on. So long as Reilly is here, it's his team.

However, if Hervey is telling Maas not to play Franklin, that seems a bit petty.

Good point and it sounds like a classic Hervey move. Hard to trade a guy for any value when he's a backup QB and if you do play him to 'develop him' more you are doing it for another team but still IMO I have to disagree with this tactic if that is indeed what is taking place. If the Eskimo's lose Reilly for an extended period of time, Lynch won't do much and Franklin may not be ready. It's too bad.