James Curry Charged With Murder

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070404_232036_4460]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 32036_4460[/url]

Figgers Played with Saskatchewan and Toronto …

my Comment was on the Fact That Toronto and Saskatchewan Seem to get Players of Low Character

who end up in Trouble with the law

Not fact someone has been killed…

Of all the threads you have ever posted on here this is the lowest you have ever gone. To try to make a joke at the expense of someones death via murder is disgusting. One of your last posts was deleted and I hope your comment here is too. Maybe they could even ban you. You have pushed the boundaries of good taste a number of times but this time you have completely crossed the line of any thread of human decency.

o god "quimby" give it a rest

You seem to think that making light of a person's death by murder is okay. If that is the case, I am sure there is other forums that you can post on. People say a lot of things on here that are rude and ignorant but I do ignore them. Making fun of a murder is not one I will ignore - regardless of who posts it. So will I "give it a rest"? - no, I won't.

What if it was your sister or another female relative that was killed by Curry? Would you be okay with his attempted humourous comments? Have some respect for the victim and her family. He certainly didn't.

OnKnight has a right to his opinion.

I agree with OnKnight - lighten up Quimby.

I agree. He does. However, what he has done is not express an opinion but has posted a very tasteless joke at the expense of someone's murder. Sometimes when expressing an "opinion" a person must consider the severity of the subject and excercise caution or even silence. He showed none of that here.

What should be done with OnKnight? Should he be banned?

He should be honoured ... the fact that he remembered that James Curry played for Toronto and Saskatchewan in the 80's is commendable.

Nice work OnKnight.

Curry is a punk and a menace to society ... and that was when he was playing.

That is obviously up to the mods. I don't always agree with him but sometimes he does start some very good threads and has some interesting posts. But on the other hand, he can also post some topics or comments that are very insensitive. As most of us know he had a thread pulled a couple of weeks ago due to its content. Maybe he should think for a few minutes before he posts something and focus on football only - not on anything on the perimeters of it. Strictly dealing with TiCats on field product. Not the cheerleaders. Not ex-players and their troubles off the field. He is passionate about his TiCats. No doubt about that. As as result, maybe that his where his comments and focus should be.

I do apologize for my rants but his comment on this topic has greatly upset me. If my wife or daughters ever had their life taken in this fashion and someone tried to make a joke of it I would be very upset. Let us all have respect for what has happened here. (Enough moralizing for one day.)

It was in the article. As for Curry, I agree with your comments.

Mayor Quimby, I have to agree with the room here. You need to get some valium. I like the Riders, but I did chuckle at the Argos part. I remember when Curry played, not a good representaton of the CFL. And he has "aledgedly" shot. Lets not forget you are inoccent until proven guilty.
But seriously you need to settle down, I know what its like in here to fly off the handle on some of these threads. I have been accused of everything from being old to not being a Tiger Cat Fan. So mellow out. You know who you are and everyone is intittled to make jokes or an off the cuff remark.

Is he the same guy that did play by play for the CBC in the early 90's? If it is then from what i could tell he seemed like a decent guy and find it hard to believe he would do something like this. Anyway lets not all dismiss him as a lowlife thug when we know nothing about what happened or the facts or anything.

I didn't Post this Thread Breeze did
I just made a Comment on it ..

Also a Murder is Awful way to die..
My Uncle was Killed by someone in bar..
14 Years ago..

my Comment was on the Fact That Toronto and Saskatchewan Seem to get Players of Low Character

who end up in Trouble with the law

If I Upset anyone by post it was not Intentional

I do Apologies for that .. But not post it self..

As I Said last Post it was about fact that players in Pro Sports Character is Everything..

There are Roll Models to our Young..

When They join the league and When they leave..

Toronto and Saskatchewan seem to get allot Players with Personal Issues.. who end up in Trouble with the law

Nice post. I agree with what you say. My apologies as well. I must have gotten up the wrong side of the bed this morning.

You don't make no more bad thread,or you will get kick in bum! Har har. :smiley:

You don't make no more bad thread,or you will get kick in bum! Har har.
This is my favourite post from anyone in 2007.

Very profound, eh rob35?

You and me and most other people will take that image
of someone being kicked in the bum as a joke

as it was obviously intended.

but there are overly Politically Correct people out there
who will only see a kick in the bum as a violent act
and they will be, or claim to be, seriously offended.