James Berezik

I don't know why the hell this guy got released other than some ratio thing. The guy runs like a bull and would make a nice power back for us to complement Walker. Sure Chevon Walker is incredible with the speed and potential big play ability but it was clearly evident last game that when the Cats need to chew up the clock late in a game with a slim lead, Walker is not the answer. You need a fast, bruising back that can hit the hole and carry a couple of defenders with him for an additional few yards. Berezik would come cheap since he's a rookie and Cortez should implement a two back system. At least for special plays or specific situations.

Check out this video of Berezik in preseason. Not bad stats for a half of work.


I don't understand the love affair people have with this guy.

George Cortez said that in order to dress two import running backs, one of them would have to be a primary kick returner. Was James Berezik, at 220 lbs, going to be our main punt and kick returner? No.

He's not the first guy to have a good performance in an exhibition game against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Berezik was cut in June and still hasn't been signed by another CFL team, so obviously the other 7 clubs weren't blown away by his performance. Let it go.

If the Cats wanted to add a bigger bruising back into their lineup they would just slide Avon into the 42. I think jordan is right, we have likely seen the end of Berezik.

I would have put him on the practice roster. I like his straight ahead punishing running.

Lame choice of words. I'm simply addressing the fact that the Cats have a deficiency in this department. You should read my entire original post to help you get the meaning. We have Cobourne right now now and paying his high salary for what purpose? He isn't being utilized either. Walker can't possibly be the answer for all RB situations as has already been demonstrated. Later when its 2nd and 2 and everyone in the stadium knows that Hank will hand it off to Chevy and he gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage. :roll: We need a more complete package at RB like how most teams employ.

But whether Berezik was on the roster or not, he wouldn't be playing either. Cortez has made it clear that the only way two import running backs would be on the gameday roster is if one was a returner. Berezik is not one, so he wouldn't be available for those situations either.

You should read my entire original post. It's likely that Berezik would not be an effective return guy, so even if we had kept him around he wouldn't be on the 42 man roster. So the argument of whether or not we could have used him in tandem with Walker is somewhat moot.

You said the following:

"Cortez has made it clear that the only way two import running backs would be on the gameday roster is if one was a returner. Berezik is not one,.... "
So, what exactly is the problem here. If 1 of them is a returner, then that one is Chevy. So, you could in fact have 2 import RBs in the lineup on gameday.
Are you saying, that the rule is that a returner, cannot also play the RB position? Do you need to fill 2 import positions, 1 for FB, and 1 for a returner? Or can the SAME player play both positions?

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Chevy can't field punts. He also looks pretty ordinary returning kick offs.

I'm not saying anything. I'm just reiterating what Cortez said earlier in the year as to why Cobourne was a healthy scratch. If Walker is returning kicks now and Cobourne still isn't in the lineup, then why would adding Berezik change that? Why would he get into the lineup while Cobourne still sits out as a healthy scratch?

Well, I was thinking if Berezik is in, then Cobourne is out, along with his $150,000 Annual Salary.
I don't think they r obliged to pay him, if he gets released by a certain date.
Not exactly sure what that date is, though....
Just saying....

That’s fine, but it still doesn’t negate the point that I made saying that even if he was on the roster, Berezik wouldn’t see the field. He’d also be a healthy scratch, just like Cobourne. And yes, if Cobourne is released before Labour Day, the team is not obliged to pay him the remainder of his contract. But even if they let him go, they probably don’t bring Berezik back. The ship has sailed on that kid.

If Berezik was this great, can't miss running back, he would have been picked up by another team.

Fact is, he blew threw 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers.

We do need to activate Cobourne. We need a guy who can run between the tackles when there are no holes. Walker is good when he has space and holes but only gets 2 yards between the tackles where Cobourne would get 3-4.

  1. There might not be any roster openings for Berezik on other teams. That point is also bogus since people were saying the exact same thing about Stevie Baggs and he got picked up by an NFL team. Now how is that possible?

  2. Berezik blew by 2nd stringers. Great, that’s all the opportunity he was given and he made the most of it. Even the TSN panel commented on his abilities.

OK fine if Berezik's ship has sailed. But the coaches should somehow work that type of player into the offense whether it's Cobourne, Berezik or whoever. I just figured that the kid would come in cheaper than Cobourne for salary cap purposes. Two different style of RBs would make the offense more multi-dimensional and less predictable. A must with CFL's 3 down football. At last nights game several people around me called the plays to Chevy before they happened. So you can bet that Calgary's defense knew also. It's apparent that Cortez isn't fond of the 2 back system but later in the season it might come back to haunt him.

100% agree. I remember how good the Cobourne-Grant tandem looked last year. Granted, that was a small sample size, but having two RBs who have different skills can be a huge advantage. It allows them both to be rested, which means better production in the fourth quarter. I don't entirely agree with Cortez's thinking, but I doubt he'll change his mind any time soon.

Berezik would be cheaper and he's only 23, he could be around for many years. Coulbourne is probably around until the end of the year. With Berezik's size and style of running he would wear down the defense, especially on a wet field.