James and Bauman

nuff said...


Bauman aka GTFO off this team butterfingers.... nuffs enof, start Grant or Carter, tired of seeing this wannabe drop key passes.

Can we trade Bauman now?? please??? :roll:

Wait im confused, I though I was suppose to let the ball hit me in the chest and then fall to the ground, no one told me I was suppose to catch it! :roll:

Agreed Let Ball Play or Put Chris Davis back in
I hope we get Sam Back from Colts but think He 'll make the Practice roster with them

True Mr butterfingers pull him next game

So who is the offensive genius who kept calling all the plays to #11, James? This guy STINKS! Good thing they got rid of Davis, after all, he only knows the plays and routes and catches the damn ball! How many times did they call #11 just to see him go wandering off for a coke in the middle of the play! Don't throw to 4, 85, 87 when you can go to 11.

Hey, we lost by a point...oh but wait we would have won by 6 if.....JAMES CAUGHT THE BALL! I guess it being in his hands is too much to ask of a receiver. :thdn:

Sam Giguere, I wish you all the success in the world in sticking with Indy, but....


Chris Bauman makes a certain NFL player come to mind. Ryan Leaf. Why? Biggest first round bust in NFL history, sort of like Bauman is becoming in the CFL. The guy's a total fail. Learn to catch plox.

I kind of getting the feeling that you might be upset. Don't hold it in. Tell us how you really feel. :smiley:

Right now I don't think I want either.

Why can't people just wait until tomorrow to post stupid stuff.... it was MORE than just these 2 that cost us the game.... seriously you wanna be football GM/Coaches..

Grow the EF up!

There is NO reason to not trade Bauman. :thdn:
Dropping balls on game winning drives.....over and over again.
Trade this guy.....for anyone.
Even the other teams waterboy.


Bauman. A nice guy, but a liability on the field.

The passport has got you this far, but it's over man.

I'd give James another go though.


I think the James experiment is over. I hope the Bauman experiment ends soon.

for the record , James has been exceptional in practice.
Perhaps he got stage fright.

When you’re a receiver it’s your job to catch the football, if you can’t you won’t be employed

Amen...James dropped TWO easy catches...about what Davis has dropped his last three games, including one TD in last Eskie game...the last Baumann "drop" was tipped...lots of missed opportunities...

Growing pains folks...growing pains...

Hey, not sure if it is my cpu or not, but I just tried clicking on HTC TEAM and DEPTH CHART and got blanks. They trading everybody already?

I wanted to see where this JAMES guy came from, just to find out how long of a bus ride home he has!

didnt we trade a few months to get a BC property- kid named Matt Carter? He was #5 overall in the Canadian draft...

and then theres my personal favourite- truly-- a veteran like Stala....
Corey Grant--

Corey has heart and an important thing Baumann is missing

and as for 1/2 the distance=== lets be realistic... everything anyone posts is "stupid stuff" when you relate it to the real world-- thats why its harmless fun to post and always has been -- it has nothing whatsoever to do with being" grown up" perhaps there is a need to "lighten up." :wink: :wink: :wink:

Does this guy ever make a solid attempt to catch the ball...or does he think that because he is already 6 5" his feet never have to leap off the ground to make a catch....that was a catchable ball just before half...not to mention that you use your hands to catch the ball NOT YOUR DARN CHEST PADS!!!ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL....I THINK WE SENT THE WRONG PLAYER TO SASK!!! WOULD TAKE GETZLALF IN A HEARTBEAT!!!