Jamel Richardson

Jamel was making the rounds yesterday, he was also on TSN 690 with Tanner Marsh. He sounds optimistic, his knee at 85%, and hopes to be ready for Game 1. Popp a little less optimistic.

[url=http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/03/31/jamel-richardson-sur-la-voie-de-la-guerison]http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/0 ... a-guerison[/url]

Unfortunately the last 15 percent will be tougher to get back than the first 85.

Popp n'a pas le choix que de considérer que Richardson ne sera pas prêt. Le premier diagnostic parlait de 9 à 12 mois, ce qui veut dire qu'il est très possible que Richardson ne soit pas prêt à temps pour le début de la saison. Popp doit planifier en conséquence de ce verdict tant que les médecins ne seront pas prêts à donner le feu vert à Richardson.

Cela dit, j'espère qu'il pourra revenir au meilleur de sa forme, quitte à retarder son retour s'il le faut. La saison dernière, Whitaker est revenu au jeu un peu trop tôt et on l'a de nouveau perdu pour le reste de la saison. Richardson a collectionné les blessures au genoux depuis 5 ans. Il serait donc sage de sa part de faire preuve d'un peu de prudence dans le choix du moment de revenir au jeu, histoire de pouvoir finir la saison en force, ce qu'on lui souhaite. Après tout, ce n'est pas une opération aux sinus qu'il a subie.

I agree. Richardson has to be considered a bonus, not a key piece as the 2014 season is planned.

Frankly, despite my respect for what he has provided the Als, if a youngster performs well enough to make JR redundant or too expensive that would have to looked at as a good thing.

Als need to do some serious work on their receiver roster this year. Bruce was released, Carter is here for one more year, Deslauriers @%%$%, London is coming off an awful season and Stala is in the twilight of his career. Might not be a bad idea to grab that Devon Bailey at four. Looks like there is a LOT of upside with him. Als will have a tough decision to make come draft time. Go LB, DL or with Bailey ???

Nous verrons sans doute plus cette saison ce que nos jeunes peuvent donner, particulièrement Wallace et Clowney qui ont déjà fait un séjour au sein de l'équipe l'an dernier, et Stafford qui a un peu joué pour les Stampeders.

Si London peut avoir effacé sa saison de l'an dernier et revenir à ce à quoi il semblait se destiner en 2012, ça pourrait passablement changer la donne chez les receveurs. Mais il est clair qu'il y a un renouvellement en cours au sein de cette brigade, tel qu'on a pu le voir depuis 2 saisons.

On dit que Carter partira pour la NFL, et c'est bien possible compte tenu des contacts de son père, mais il faudra que Carter ait une saison à l'image de ce qu'on a vu de lui l'an dernier. Cela dit, même s'il parvient à avoir un essai avec une équipe de la NFL, encore faudra-t-il qu'il réussisse à rester au sein d'une équipe ou l'autre, ce qui n'est pas acquis. On a vu ce scénario avec London. C'est pourquoi il sera d'autant plus intéressant de suivre la progression des autres jeunes, en autant que le système offensif leur permette de s'exprimer.

Vancouver Province saying the Lions wanted David Clowney from the Als for LB Anton McKenzie before they released him. McKenzie has since signed withe the RedBlacks.

Good choice Jim (IMO).

I could see Clowney starting this year. The only two guys who are sure of their spot are SJ and Duron IMO.
Did he sign or was he claimed off waivers by Ottawa ?

It wasn`t specified but probably signed him as a free agent at a better deal than his BC contract, but at more than the Als would have been willing to pay.

And it`s time to see what Clowney can do. This is actually his 3rd season with the team.

Richardson has been a giant at receiver for several years. A little older and, recovering from injury. I don't expect him to start this year for two reasons: The injury ( we have seen guys come back too quick and, doesn't work out). Second, Richardson has tended to not be 100% effective at the beginning of several seasons but, has recouped several times to make the team a great passing team. Was MVP in our last Grey Cup game. His record makes him a good contender for a spot in the lineup.

Jamel's future with the team I believe is very much tied to how successful players are in their negotiations. If you scan the roster Jim has put together it is very much done with the hope that there is a healthy CAP increase. If the players fail to get a fair deal then there will be a lot of SMS casualties on that team. Jamel being one of the most expensive contracts on the team would fall in that category. I think receivers and defensive backs would be the worst hit positions.

From today`s Journal:

Jim Popp a indiqué que les nouvelles sont encourageantes au sujet de la récupération faite par Jamel Richardson, opéré au genou gauche l’été dernier. «Il pourrait être prêt pour le début du camp d’entraînement», a-t-il confirmé hier. Richardson ne participera cependant pas au camp printanier de trois jours qui se tiendra la semaine prochaine en Floride.

It will likley come down to if he is healthy and back in form which will be a question mark until he gets to camp. Als with a new QB to start this season there there is no AC to Richardson connection and the receivers that played with Smith will have an advantage.
If he is not healthy in camp but feel that he could be sometime during the season the 9 game to start the season would be an option.

Putting Jamel on the 9 game would mean writing another 100k cheque to have him sit. If this becomes the scenario, I suspect Jamel will be asked to renegotiate his deal with the promise of an adjustment if he's back to 100 percent down the road.

I agree. Perhaps the renegotiation would be a bonus structured deal to provide some guarantee of the additional money if he performs.

I think that would be a realistic scenerio. Whether he would go for it or if they can agree upon a number would be another story possibily. They have held on to Clowney for a few years now so this would be a do or die type season for him as they have invested the time and the time would be now if he is ever going to be ready.
IMHO I think it would be worth hanging on to Richardson on the 9 game IR for the first half of the season and spring him onto the roster the second half.
If Richardson does get released I would bet that it would only be a matter of minutes before the REDBLACKS make him an offer.

Jim said some vets will get released… Jamel has to show he’s close when camp hits. Right now with no CBA in place, he may get some extra time :thup: Really pulling for him.