Jamel Richardson

This guy should have been thrown out of the game tonight and should be suspended, I don’t know if tsn caught video of it or showed replay but on the Craver interception he turned around and Hefney went to block him he grabbed hefney by the helmet spun his helmet and threw him onto the ground helmet ripped off flying no flag or anything was thrown complete BS on that call hefney for the remainder of the play sat there looking at the als bench disgusted.

And thats why they were battling all night

Duval threw some more punches too.
I have seen Duval get booted out of games a couple times.
With the lead, in the 4th, makes a tackle and he punches the guy twice in the head.
Duval is a Jackass!

being at the game yes richardson looked like unprofessional… and he did end up drawing two flags on a later play with hefney, cant keep his temper in tact to well… but his skill more than makes up for it in my books… football is a physical game and people get fired up. outbursts happen… lets move on

I'm cool with the odd fight but to clearly grab a guy by the helmet and toss him around is intent to injury if i have ever seen that was brutal.

Refs were brutal as awhole in that game not like it would have made a difference for the bombers but holy crap how can a ref make a call from the other side of the field when 3 other refs way closer don't it was pretty bad we had the guy that was suppose to be watching for a holding penalty call an illegal contact on a receiver downfield penalty on the opposite side of the field.