Jamel Richardson

Great news, assuming it to be true.....

In a dramatic turn of events, Jamel Richardson and his agent, Paul Sheehy, have told The Snap the receiver intends on remaining in Montreal at least next season – and possibly beyond.

That means Richardson, at least for now, is turning his back on the NFL, despite an offer from the Minnesota Vikings.

"I always said it was going to take a big (NFL) offer to get him out of Montreal," Sheehy said. "We weren't going to do an opportunity-only deal. Minnesota's deal wasn't opportunity-only, but it wasn't enough to roll the dice. We have a great situation in Montreal."

Sheehy said four other NFL teams were interested in working Richardson out. The agent wouldn't reveal those teams, although Richardson identified three others as Seattle, San Francisco and Tampa Bay.

Sheehy and Montreal management are working on a contract extension, the length of which will be determined by the amount of the signing bonus. Should the two sides fail to agree, Sheehy said his client will simply play out his option, becoming a free agent following the 2009 season.

Meanwhile, another Sheehy client, Als rush-end Jermaine McElveen, worked out last week with the NFL Buccaneers and could have two other teams interested. Cornerback Mark Estelle also has generated interest from an NFL team Sheehy was reluctant to identify.

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Very smart move from Sheehy and Richardson. Jamal is in a fantastic position right now to be a star player in the CFL for many years. Very good news indeed.

Great news!

And I agree with Hfx (gasp! :wink:), this is a smart move by Richardson and his agent. Too many CFL players roll the dice down south without any guaranteed money up front, then get cut in training camp, essentially wasting 6-8 months in limbo, not getting any playing time. When they return to the CFL, the year is usually a write-off. If Richardson wants a signing bonus, Popp should give it to him. He is a game-breaking receiver and the kind of physical specimen we've been missing since Jermaine Copeland left.

canoe.ca is also reporting that Josh Bourke has re-signed for two years plus an option.

A very interesting decision. It's definitely newsworthy and it looks good on the league's and the Alouettes' image.

Is this a 'historical moment'? Someday will we look back and say this was the moment when the good ship CFL was seen to begin that slow turn to get back to the respectability it lost in the '70's? Respect Jamel! :thup: :rockin:

Indeed, great news; as I wrote on December 17,2008, I was sure that he would seek a signing of at least $50,000 to sign with a NFL team. I am also positive that he/his agent have already agreed on a long term contract with the Als/Mr.Popp; he would not turn down an NFL offer just to come and play his option. Expect the announcement within the next days.

The signing of Josh Bourke to a new 2 years plus option is just as great if not greater than the signing of Richardson. This is the only non-import offensive lineman that I was "scared" to lose to the NFL.

Thanks Mr.Popp. Now let's find a real MLB


I wonder if Jim can afford to make an offer to Mo Lloyd? Als have never been great at recruiting MLB or maybe its because the guys around them have been very good too?

CJAD just announced that Richardson has signed for 4 Years

its on the main page now

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/richardson-chooses-the-alouettes]http://www.cfl.ca/article/richardson-ch ... -alouettes[/url]

You da Font on King :slight_smile:

Wow! Jim Hollywood Popp not messing around !

Herb got it right................

Now as for MLB...............if the Riders don't re-sign Mo Lloyd before 15 February, we'll be in a bidding war because I expect quite a few teams, Edmonton and BC for sure, maybe Hamilton and/or Toronto will be after him as well.

Such being the case, if we were to go after a true MLB, it might be more cost-effective to talk to Winnipeg, who have Simpson, Moreno, and Lobendahn.

Simpson could become a free agent I believe. I can't see them keeping both Moreno and Simpson both make top dollars. Lobedhan is recovering from his second serious knee injury.

Simpson isn't listed as a F/A.

But you're right, I can't see them keeping them both, nor would it make sense to try to play one of them out of position. The only way they keep both is if their new DC decides to go with a 3/4 defence. If not, it sure wouldn't hurt for Mr Popp to give them a call to see what the price tag would be on either Simpson or Moreno. If we could land one of them without hurting ourselves elsewhere, I say go for it. If they'd take Chip Cox and Eric Deslauriers, I'd be content.

Desjardins said they were not going to “roll the dice” anymore and Simpson imo is exactly that.

So do we go after Maurice Lloyd instead? Or just stick with what we have?

If it was up to me, I'd package Chip Cox and Eric Deslauriers for Moreno...........if I got outbid for Lloyd, which I suspect will be the case if we even take a run at him. I expect BC and Edmonton to be in there hot and heavy trying to land Lloyd.

Really? Mo Lloyd lives in Connecticut...is a UConn grad. I am not so sure he will sign with a Western Team. I can see him in Montreal or Toronto. His offers will all be very similar in this day and age. Really comes down to what's the best fit for him and his young family.

I'm surprised by the flak on Chip Cox. He's reliable and I think people forget how young he is. Same for Deslauriers typical sophmore season, way to early to give up on this guy. I think the Als will work with him during the off season... Less singing and more cardio...

It's not scientific, but I think BC and Edmonton will have more cap room to give Lloyd what we wants..........more cap room than the Als, anyway. Like I said, it's not a scientific assessment, just my impression.

I'm not ready to give up on Deslauriers. Cox ... well, let's just say that he'd better be fighting for his roster spot in training camp. I don't want him guaranteed anything after the season he had. If he makes it, it should be because he was the better player.