Jamel Richardson

I think Sambo kinda got you on this one...
How so?

You know, once Arius gets over Roy's firing(only he knows when that will be), maybe we can discuss the on-field activites instead of this garbage about the current GM vs. the previous one.

The one sentence I said referring to Roy, was in fact directly related to the on-field activities of the current GM. Football is political, it is about personalities and it is the case that ET has his people, Roy had his.
And if you don't think that is affecting the decisions ET makes........?
But apparently commenting on that simple reality is taboo.
Jamal is likely actually unhappy with Roy because he wouldn't let him into the NFL draft last year as a free agent. I hear his agent yapping, but do not know what Jamal thinks.
But none of that changes the fact that ET has the guys he wants to bring in and a guy like Jamal becomes less of a priority.
For one thing, lets not forget that he was one of the "bad" elements on the team that so tarnished the image.

I am more than willing to discuss ET and the job he is doing.
In fact, I have done so a number of times, and while you can't hear it over the whirr of your own salutations, I keep saying I think he is doing a good job.
But I'll criticise him when he does something I disagree with.
And as this topic was about Jamal Richardson, now how do we tie that aspect to ET?
Oh yes. Free agency.
ET has done a lousy job of signing our free agents.

But, in the case of Jamal, nobody was going to sign him, as he was and is going to take his shot at the NFL.
Still, it is fair game to ask about what happens if that shot fails, is it not?
Or are we not allowed to discuss the future as well as the past?
If Jamal is cut by Dallas, I would love to see him back in green and white.
Is that fair, or am I too stuck on "the past"?
And I am skeptical as to how much effort ET will put into trying to sign him at that point.

'Nuff said.

Well thats look at the Rider situation. They had a team that did get close one year I believe it was one play and they would have been in the GC. After that the team basically got complacent. Roy leaves and now the new management team feels a need to rebuild once again (not much of a rebuild). Yes Arius it looks like the Ottawa team has moved to Regina. It should not be a suprise that Tillman is going after players he recruited. Is this right or wrong well the Rider fans should find out when the season starts. Lets look at the west.
BC looks solid very few changes and will be the team to beat in the west.
Calgary 5 to 6 player changes will be made and they need to start to prove.
Riders looks like some changes similar to Calgary not a major rebuild but new offensive system will take a bit of time to adjust but the team just might improve.
The Eskimos well after a season that saw them miss close games they were not far off but rebuilding is the name of the game. How quick they rebuild we will have to see. My guess is this will be quick.
So really one very strong team against three teams making changes to improve.

Absolutely agree with you that complacency set in for the Riders.
And therefore, changes needed to be made.
And the fact that Tillman is bringing in his guys is as predictable as the sun will rise tomorrow.
Roy did it. Matthews always did it. Wally does it.
Everyone does it.
I somewhat dislike the politics of it all, but at the same time I am actually a firm believer in the need to do exactly what Tillman is doing.
I just find it interesting that when you tell people he is doing it, they bristle and dispute the obvious.
And if the obvious and political cost you a raw talent like Jamal Richardson, that is most unfortunate.

Predictionwise, I believe I pegged it:
BC is 3rd because while they had a fantastic season, they are not that much better than Sask or Calgary talent wise, if at all, so any "Grey Cup hangover" will drop them down.
Edmonton is at the bottom because while people point to all the close games, the reality is, that was an old sluggish team that is fortunate to have arguably the best QB in the league.
In most of those close games, or the ones they did win, it took a gargantuan effort by Ricky Ray to get them there.
I'll be surprised if they are better this year than last.

I guess now all that is left to see what happens. :lol:

I can hardly wait....

Yes it should be a lot better with a proper schedule in place. :lol:

I'm glad we are being taken lightly again this year. Gee, some posters had us missing the playoffs all together last year.

Flying below the radar.....thats what I like! :lol:

Watch out for those Eskimos this year sporty.