Jamel Richardson Signs in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys signed four-year CFL veteran wide receiver, Jamel Richardson, who has racked up 118 career catches for 1,501 yards for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Richardson attended Victor Valley Community College before entering the Canadian Football League.

By Adam Schefter
NFL Analyst


Everyone Knew He wanted his an NFL Shot..
Too bad He back Soon..
Dallas has a Ton Tallent at WR..

I was just about to report this as well, as i had just seen it on the NFL website. This really does suk, we a had another talent receiver who we lost to the NFL. I guess it was a good thing that we signed DJ Flick

Well seems to me you guys have receivers coming out of your wazoos, so missing Richardson likely won't hurt you too much; he was hardly your 'go-to' guy anyway.

How can Dominguez not be in the NFL?

It is called a "knee injury".
He had his chances, but got hurt the first time, and was likely too old the second.
In the NFL, the next guy is right around the corner and if you suffer an injury, your opportunity might be gone....

Jamal actually has a pretty good chance of making the grade.
I wish him luck!

Too bad he is gone, but with all our good receivers this loss shouldn't hurt us too much.

Best of luck in the NFL Jamel

Dallas has a ton of talent at receiver? Check out our team… lol

Of course had we signed Jamal, he would have been (arguably) the best off season signing we made.
And if he concentrates, he is (talentwise) very much in the TO mold as a receiver, and so whenTO is cut/traded/retires, Jamal could be in a good situation.
As for all this talent in Cowboy land, who are we talking about?
Outside of TO, I think they suck at receiver.....

actually arius, i agree that they arent stacked at receiver. But Terry Glenn is a very solid receiver.... and Patrick Crayton makes some clutch catches, and assuming the re-sign him, they have quite a bit of talent.

Im glad Jamal is gone... I didnt think much of him. I think he has good talents, just not enough focus to apply his 110%.

Good luck in the NFL Jamal... I hope you and Romo can click!

I think Jamal can be very competitive with the guys Dallas currently has.
What will likely tell the story for him won't be the vets, but the other rookies.
If Dallas burns a first round draft pick on a receiver, that means Jamal could be brilliant in camp, but the draft pick is guaranteed to make the team even if he is in a wheelchair. Then if they bring a few other rookies in, that is where the competition will be.
So watch.
If Dallas does not draft receivers, Jamal's chances go way up.
If they do, they go down.
And never underestimate the politics in the NFL.