Jamel Richardson???? Should We????

Well Montreal has parted ways with the veteran WR.......question is. Would he be a good fit here in Tabbie-Land?

No. Montreal has probably got a very good reason to cut him. It probably has to do with his injury problems last season. So no not even a consideration.

NO! :thdn:

They mentioned on Sportscentre his knee problems are the main reason.

No, I think it's a long shot!

Austin has a good mix of talented receivers already, probably one of the best receiving cores in the league to start the 2014 season, my only concern at this point is the health of Fantuz and how long he may be out for? However we have good back up receivers to fill in until his return and I'm sure Tommy and Kent will mix it up good on offence.


I agree BIGCAT, I love our receiving corps if/when they're healthy. Fantuz is a question mark right now and so is Ellingson. Ellingson looked fantastic when he was healthy last year, but he missed a big piece of the season and has missed a bunch of training camp this year too. Does anyone know why he's been out and what his status is for week 1 in Saskatchewan?

This sort of thing happens quite frequently. Veteran CFL player has his career ended after not being able to fully recover from a serious injury. See....Chad Kackert, Martell Mallett, Kenton Keith etc.etc.. I doubt very much if we will see Richardson play football ever again.

Archie Amerson as well. I remember the play he was injured on looking so benign. He pulled his leg free from a player who’d rolled up on him and hobbled off the field. It ended up being nerve damage that he never recovered from and he never played again.

An aging star on downside of career. MTL will probably be interested. Wait...,, what ?

#9-Archie Amerson one of my all time fav Cats :rockin: The little guy was Mr Excitement here in Hamilton for 8 yrs.

Here is a link to a story about when the Cats had to sadly let him go after he missed the entire 2005 season with that injury

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/tiger-cats-cut-loose-amerson-1.618772]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/tiger ... n-1.618772[/url]





Danny Mac and Archie after Calgary won Cup in "98" on a last second feild goal :cry:

If he would agree to go 9 game and his contact would base on games played

He’s worth a look

Does the CBA allow an unsalaried player to be on the 6 game injured list?
Does it allow "games played" contracts?
Maybe a minimum salary contract with bonuses for games played?

Well, keep in mind he's an import and he's going to want starter money. I highly doubt he'd be coming to play for second string or rookie contract cash. So lets see who he's going to replace on the depth chart.

First, I would not be willing to give up one of my non-imports for Richardson, he's not replacing Fantuz or Giguere as non-import receivers as good as these guys are very hard to come by.

So lets look at our other receivers. Ellingson is still on his rookie contract and without his injury was a potential Rookie of the Year, so no there, Bakari Grant is coming off a record season last year and is likely on a comparatively cheap contract if he puts up these numbers again so no. Brandon Banks, who also doubles as a kick returner is very unlikely because then we don't have anyone really handling return duties. There's no way he's replacing these guys either, even if he wasn't banged up. So who could he replace?

Luke Tasker is still on his rookie contract and while not as good as Ellingson shows promise and is very little towards the cap, so unlikely you'd see this replacement unless we have a lot of cash available. We just acquired Koch who can also double as a KR, really this one comes down to how much Koch is getting paid and how much Richardson would want, but Koch is the more diverse player and Richardson is banged up. This is all assuming just how banged up Jamel is too.

If he wants to play for rookie money, then sure take a run, more depth is always a good thing. If he's not as banged up as the media seems to be letting on and you have some cash, sure. Realistically though, I just don't see taking a chance on this one.

Why would we want another team's cast offs when we already have a good receiving corps who have been building rapport and chemistry with Collaros throughout training camp and preseason games? :?

8) I'm waiting to hear the word that we should bring back Brandon Issac, and Martell Mallet also now, since both of them have
  been released from their teams !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   And what the heck, let's bring in Hugh Charles and Justin Palardy !!!    <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->

Not unless Ruchardson can play on the O-line.

An Argo-Cat fan

nope theres no future living in the past

Just read he will sign with TO. Maybe that's why they cut Romby Bryant.

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link ?

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=455479 :cowboy: