Jamel Richardson a Rider again

Well this was pretty big on twitter this morning. Welcome back to Saskatchewan Jamel. Pretty low risk signing by the Riders. If he cant pass the physical you let him go. If he is even close to how he was with Montreal for a lot of years he is a thousand yard receiver. I was surprised to read he is only 32. I sure hope it works out for him.

No risk for potential reward. He should be fully healthy from his knee injury, particularly the ACL which can take a while to get to full speed. At age 32 he could still have some productive years ahead of him. If he's lost any speed, he may need to rely on his hands and veteran knowledge to maybe convert himself to a possession type receiver. If he busts, he busts.

So many pending FAs, including two biggies in Dressler and Heenan and I think Taj Smith is also scheduled to head to trial this offseason which could be another loss. If Richardson pans out could be a huge addition. Should be an interesting offseason in Riderville.

This is a low risk ZERO reward signing for the Riders.

Richardson's done. His career was finished two years ago. Having him taking up a roster spot is just as nonsensical as last year hen the Bombers signed Kevin Smith - - another big name who was a shell of his former self.

He had more than 1,000 yards in receiving in 2013 and played 15 games.

in 2013 Richardson played 5 games with 18 receptions for 197 yds with 0 tds

Those were the same 5 games that did in Hawkins and Calvillio.. Jim Pop´s NFL aspirations went out the window in those five games as well.

My bad.