Jamel lee turns down contract Offer

Just heard on Team 1040 that Jamel Lee has just turned down a contract Offer from the Lions after he was cut from his NFL team. Does anybody think he will make another NFL team or did he just make a huge mistake in not signing with the Leo’s

It is a little late for hoping a NFL team will pick you up. Every team has their roster set and even if they start to move players around, it won't be till later in the year. On top of that, it isn't like Jamal Lee is at the top or prospective replacements, the NFL is rife with talented players and there is a lot of competition for so few jobs. Unfortunately players often rate their performance higher than coaches or GM's do and think, "They made a mistake cutting me."

As far as B.C. goes, I don't think it was a mistake that he refused the first offer. I mean he should have taken it, but if he decides to comeback, I'm sure Wally will have no problem signing him then.

I hope a lot of this is not coming from his Agent we don't want another Printers on our hands .

I'm happy with Mallett. We may get something if Wally decides to trade his rights.

Mallet is the best in the CFL no one runs harder, can you imagine if we had a real SOLID O LINE, I think lions could run the ball and win it all--

Malllet is that good, I would be worried about Mallet going to NFL, as he is a north south runners and is HUGE and the NFL will give htis guy a shot cause he is BIG---

lazy man's way of making more money sitting on the practice roster hoping to be picked up....

never gonna happen! Nobody wants him in the NFL!

NO Loss!

Jamall Lee has to do what's right for him, not what's right for anyone else. Personally, I think he'd be better off playing here, or anywhere, rather than hoping for a spot in the NFL after all the rosters are set.

To paraphrase the Governator of California: "He'll be back!"

Lee has had a workout for the Pittsburgh Steelers since he got cut by the Panthers. No word as of yet whether or not he will be offered a contract

Sitting on the practice roster is still way more money than he would recieve playing for the lions or any other CFL team for that matter. There are always lots of injuries in the NFL. His time will come if he even sits and waits--another NFL team will come running.