JaMarcus Russell in the CFL?

To my knowledge, JaMarcus Russell, the former #1 pick in the 2007 NFL entry draft is still a free agent..

I'm wondering if there may be interest in his services from any QB deficient CFL clubs..

Yes, he did not ingratiate himself well with many NFL coaches/staff and played poorly in the short opportunity given although this behemoth has much talent and quite decent mobility for such a large QB.

Excluding a couple starters, this season was less than a boon for CFL QB's and a few clubs require help in that area.

Think the CFL should give him a shot?

As of July 2010, TiCats held the CFL rights to him,

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/07/06/ufl-could-still-be-an-option-for-jamarcus/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... -jamarcus/[/url]

so he might have had a shot if he had been interested. It doesn't sound like he is, though.

[url=http://cnnsi.printthis.clickability.com/pt/cpt?expire=&title=The+No.+1+pick+in+the+2007+draft+should+be+out+on+the+-+10.31.11+-+SI+Vault&urlID=463259837&action=cpt&partnerID=289881&fb=Y&url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1191566/index.htm]http://cnnsi.printthis.clickability.com ... /index.htm[/url]

Given his attitudes in that article, he might not fit in well up here, even if he has all the right skills.

thanks for the links PiCat..
It seems JaMarcus thinks he's too good for the CFL..

As for getting back, it's a bit of a Hail Mary. "He's only 26, and we all know the NFL's appetite for quarterbacks," [b]says Lombardi, "but he needs to play, to go to Canada and show he can win, show his skills.[/b] He needs to take responsibility, say, 'I [messed] up, and I'm interested in returning.' If he wants to come back, it's crazy he hasn't done that."

Fair point. Why did Russell dismiss offers from teams in the UFL and the Canadian league? "Name one kid in the world who says, 'I can't wait to play in the CFL!' That s--- don't work."

If there is a Burger King in Hamilton Im sure he would be happy to waddle around for the Ticats!


Russell is one of the laziest QBs I have ever seen. He wouldn't last through training camp. He also has feet of clay and extremely poor depth perception. I saw him throw many 5-10 yard passes into the ground at the feet of the receiver. The Raiders would take a noticeable slump and heads would drop the minute he walked – maybe he was running but it was at the same speed - onto the field.

This is what I've heard/read as well, although I thought a change of scenery may benefit and rejuvenate his sordid career.

How can Russell go from being a much heralded first round pick to a non-existent career in two years?
IF he has any football aspirations whatsoever, he needs to drop a few pounds, contact a few teams/leagues and play for somebody, somewhere, otherwise it's over before it ever began.

The man has extraordinary arm strength, which may suit our spacious, larger fields yet is allowing this gift to go to waste.

Maybe he can try to be an O-Lineman...that`s his only hope to play in the CFL.
But seriously, this guy is fat, lazy, slob.
No way he could play in the league.

He just has horrible mobility and takes far too long to find open receivers. I can't say how he was rated No.1 in the draft, but based on his play for the Raiders that ranking was a giant mistake. The negative (30 million dollar) Russell experience I'm sure is one of the main reasons for a rookie salary cap.

I did see him make some accurate long throws, but they were few and far between and few required much scrambling on his part. There are lots of QBs who make those throws on the run. He's not one of them.

The two worst rumours about him as far as I know were his supposed addiction to cough syrup with codeine and his falling asleep during team meetings, both of which probably contributed to his cancer effect on the team, if true. Remember, the Raiders never won more than, what, 5 games when Russell was in the lineup? They are significantly improved since his departure.

Clearly nobody want's the guy on their team.

valid points.
And considering how this played out, I'm certain Russell is pleased as punch that he held out for the guaranteed 30 million, although still missed out on the remainder of the 61 million dollar contract.

Nevermind Russel, how about former heisman winner Troy Smith? He had 10X the success that Russel ever hoped for (although thats not too hard to do). He was on the roster for the Omaha team of the UFL. His game is tailor-made for the CFL. Someboday needs to take a shot on this guy.

Is Smith not a free agent now that the UFL season (and most likely league) has ended?

The Ticats are better off having Russell's old right tackle Pete Dyakowski. Both football-wise, and comedy-wise.


just because a #1 draft pick QB in the NFL is free doesn't mean he's going to come to the CFL and be an instant star.

it's not that simple. otherwise there are so many QB's who've failed in Canada that SHOULD have been superstars themselves.

yes, Pete could easily moonlight as a stand up comic...


This is a thread I think that just HAS to make an appearance at least once a year despite the overwhelmingly evidence for NO!

[url=http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=55045]viewtopic.php?f=15&t=55045[/url] and [url=http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55051&start=0]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55051&start=0[/url] (Ti-Cats forum)

Plenty of evidence and research for you in these threads, so go for it anyone who is having bright ideas like this one.

And take also Rpaege’s word for it below as a local out there having seen Russell sulk around for years too.

I love this comment. :smiley: :smiley:

I heard a discussion about him on ESPN Radio today, and it was said that he paid a kid to have 2 double Whoppers waiting for him at the end of practice every day.

Note what I wrote below in February 2013 on another thread when we had heard he had dropped from 320 to 308 probably by cutting out one of five or six daily meals.

[url=http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9320212/slimmed-jamarcus-russell-drawing-interest-report]http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/93202 ... est-report[/url]

Give him high credit now only three months later, as Russell is back to 265 as was his NFL draft weight! And he's assembled quite the team of advisors and trainers such that he would appear to have some credibility. We cannot call it a come back though, as he is a never-was not a has-been, but he is on to something.

Either an NFL team will sign him by the end of June, or he'll be off to the CFL he claims.

He even was so low that he was drinking a "purple drank" that had codeine in it, and having had a prescription with it in it back in December for such cough syrup after an upper respiratory infection I can tell you the high is no joke but it's not something you ever want to go back to for sure.

If the odds were compelling enough, given that he's down to 265 from 320 in such a short time, right now I would bet small money on Russell and not bet on Tebow to be again a pro QB in the NFL or CFL.

Of course either the NFL or CFL would be foolish to bet large sums and to offer more than a two-year deal with a one-way out and to offer much guaranteed money.

If that fat tub came to the CFL and the owner would be dumb enough not to shut that door as soon as he and his agent showed up, that team deserves what they get but because the league is only 8 teams I don't want this for ANY team not even Saskatchewan or the Bombers.

This is not even fool's gold folks. It would be fool's tin.

It was a joke when we first heard about his comeback a few weeks ago. Mark Schlereth, a former top lineman, talked about what a joke it was to brag that you had cut down already from 320 to 308. His question was as paraphrased, "What in the world did you just stop eating altogether to get to 320?"

Word is back in his awful days in Oakland that he would have often two Wendy's cheeseburgers waiting for him after practice.

He started in 2007 at for him a healthy 265 and was already the biggest QB in the league, but by 2009 his playing weight ballooned to 290 and counting!

Take a look at this nice summary of when the Redskins apparently gave him the roll-around instead of the run-around in 2010 during the failed regime of Jim Zorn and Vinny Cerrato:

[url=http://voices.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/kyle-shanahan-on-jamarcus-russ.html]http://voices.washingtonpost.com/redski ... -russ.html[/url]
[b]On "NFL Total Access" on the NFL Network, it was reported Russell would like to sign with a team where he can learn under a veteran quarterback. If Russell doesn't sign with an NFL team within the next 30 to 45 days, he also would be open to signing with a CFL team.[/b]
and yet just over a year ago, Russell dumped on the CFL. why the change of heart I wonder..
[b]Why did Russell dismiss offers from teams in the UFL and the Canadian league? "Name one kid in the world who says, 'I can't wait to play in the CFL!' That s--- don't work." [/b]
to my knowledge, the Tiger-Cats held JaMarcus Russell's CFL rights as of early 2012, although uncertain if this is the case still.

That comment of Russell's about the CFL only demonstrates his lack of maturity and inability to distinguish childhood fantasy from the real world of employment. Those who still have the desire to play football will play football regardless of whether it's the NFL, CFL, Arena league, or UFL. And they won't look down on the 'lesser' leagues either.

Its great for Russell that he’s slimmed down. He’s hoping for another NFL shot, but problem is that he’s probably burned enough bridges in the past and there will be doubts about whether he’ll be committed enough to stay at that weight. Supposedly his camp is saying there is NFL interest but I’ve read yesterday that a number of people who cover the NFL feel that’s a lot of smoke. The NFL tends to prefer building up the next young guy rather than reclamation projects at QB. His rant has as much to do with his ego fed by a successful NCAA career and getting paid $39 million over 3 years to win 7 out of 25 games he started for the Raiders. I think the change of heart in part has to do with realizing the NFL opportunity still isn’t there and getting a shot elsewhere to showcase his skills may be his best chance to return get back and there’s no other option in the UFL anymore. That and I believe I read that Jeff Garcia was one of his group of advisers/coaches helping him get back on track and has probably helped changed his mind about the CFL. At any rate, its a moot point IMO. He wants to wait 30-45 days for the NFL before considering a CFL deal? Camps will be over and the CFL starting the season. He will have lost the chance to compete for playing time in camp and would end up nothing more than a glorified backup holding a clipboard, which I doubt he’ll accept doing in the CFL. The smart move would be taking any offer if it was presented to him now and not waiting but his track record shows he won’t make the smart move.