Jamall Lee

hey i found this video on bishops RB jamall lee, hes look pretty solid, hes got some deadly cuts, average speed but knows how to make people miss. just though id post!


Shows some good balance and seems to have good awareness of what’s happening around him and the ability to find the hole.

Will be interesting to see if he can make an impression in the pros.

I could see us trading the #1 overall pick for a starter (probably on the D-Line), and us taking Tristan Black (stud MLB prospect) at #3.

We're going with American RB's. We have no need for Lee.

Cal Murphy, the old Bomber coach, was scouting at the CIS prospects game at McMaster last year. He seemed quite impressed with Jamal Lee.That could mean that Lee will follow Samuel Giguere to the Indy Colts this spring. Perhaps that makes Jamall Lee a late first rounder and thus improves the stock of Eric Lee 5'11" 235 fullback from Weber State. With Piercey's retirement, the Cats will need a fullback. Robert Pavlovic is listed as a fullback but he is a tight end and backup longsnapper. Maybe the TiCats will consider Eric Lee?
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile:

I’ve seen 3 live games and a few others on television of Jamal Lee and I am unimpressed. Upright running style, marginal power, underperforms against teams with strong linebackers, blocking inadequate. You transfer that to the pros and he’s a project at best. Now Eric Miller that has the tools to be a premier fullback in the CFL.

He looks OK but tacklers i the CFL are much better.

I've only seen a few clips of Jamal Lee and he does seem to have a bit of an upright running style. But I think the rest of the running backs in the CIS probably wished that was their only flaw. Give him a couple of years of pro coaching and we will see what the end product is. I think he is a top prospect. He has also got the right genes.

Upright running style is one of the complaints often levied at Jesse Lumsden. But it doesn't appear to have been a cause of frequent injury with Lee, as some people claim is the case with Jesse.

Don't know if this is something that contributes to perceived lack of power vs. good LBs, or if it is something that coaching can correct. I suppose most CIS rookies are "projects", but some of them turn out just fine.

Obie and Marcel will figure out their priorities come draft time. I think that the situation with Jesse (stay or go) and Dylan Barker (recovery from injury) will have a lot do do with our ratio outlook and roster composition, therefore drafting priorities. A decent Canadian backup RB/FB can be a pretty important ingredient in terms of roster flexibility as a season goes on.